Crew Chief version and higher allows installing alternative Chief voices. This post's intent is to explain alternative voice pack authors the process of packing and installing their sound packs.

Alternative Chief or Spotter voices are installed by manually extracting voice pack or voice pack update patch into the base sound pack location. Supported folder structure is described below.

Note: automatic updates and versioning for alternative packs is not supported.

Base sound pack location
CC sounds are normally installed into: c:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\CrewChiefV4\sounds\ hidden folder. Note: that location can be overridden by the "Override default Sound Pack location" preference.

Alternative Chief voices installation
Alternative Chief voices go into: [base_sound_pack_location]\alt\[chief_name], except for shared sounds (see below).
Here's example of [base_sound_pack_location] content:

In the above screenshot alternative pack is already installed, so alt folder is present. It does not exist in the default CC installation.

Alternative Spotter voices installation
Alternative Spotter voices are installed by putting sound files into:

Shared folders

are shared between all the voice packs. Note that those files are not under the alt folder.

Radio check folder
radio_check_[spotter_or_chief_name] folders can contain two subfolders:
test_chief (optional).

If selected voice is used as Chief, and test_chief folder is present, Radio Check message will play contents of test_chief folder. Otherwise, if folder is missing or voice is in Spotter role, test folder is played.

Alternative pack distribution layout
Here's an example alternative voice pack distribution structure (in this example, alternative Chief and Spotter are named Mike):

¦ +---Mike
¦ ¦ sound_pack_language.txt
¦ ¦
¦ +---driver_names
¦ +---personalisations
¦ +---voice
¦ +---test
¦ +---test_chief

Note that test_chief and spotter_Mike folders are optional and are only necessary if you would like to allow distinct Radio Check sound for Mike used as Chief, and you are including Spotter named Mike with your pack.

Also, note sound_pack_language.txt file. It should contain pack ISO language, for example en, de, fr or es. If file is missing, en is assumed.

Because main sound pack continuously evolves, we are providing this PowerShell script that should help figuring out what's new in the base pack. This script can also speed up process of alternative pack recording. It compares base sound pack to alternative pack and prints out folders that are non-empty in the base pack, but are empty in the alternative pack, meaning they were either recently added to the base pack, or still need to be recorded in the alternative pack. Here's the script:

Example usage command:
.\Get-FolderDifferences.ps1 -LeftTree c:\Users\vvv\AppData\Local\CrewChiefV4\sounds\voice\ -RightTree C:\Users\vvv\AppData\Local\CrewChiefV4\sounds\alt\Mike\voice
Script ignores spotter folders. You could pass -IncludeSpotter switch to disable that behavior.

Alternative Voice Packs
This section will contain links to the available alternative packs.

Stock Car Sound Pack by Mike Schreiner: