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Thread: I'm thinking about making an official italian soundpack

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    Here's what I've understood from today's chat

    In all cases, the _more inflection is optional in the code. It'll try and use a _more
    version according to the rules and if a given sound has no _more version it'll fall back
    to the regular version. So these can be added later if necessary.
    0 -> 99
    0_more -> 99_more
    01 -> 09    [special case for hundredths of a second between .01 and .09]
    01_more -> 09_more 
    100 -> 900 (i.e. 100, 200, 300, ...)
    100_more -> 900_more
    special cases for X hundred and 80
    180 -> 189
    180_more -> 189_more
    280 -> 289
    280_more -> 289_more
    980 -> 989
    980 -> 989_more
    and_1_tenth -> and_9
    and_1_more -> and_9_more
    1_tenth -> 9_tenths [don't think we'll need a _more variant here]
    Short form (will never contain hours):
    number [minutes] / netto(netti)
    number [minutes] / number [seconds] / netto(netti) [zero tenths]    *note there's no 'and' here, is that OK?*
    number [minutes] / number [seconds] / and_x [tenths]
    number [minutes] / number [seconds] / point / number [hundredths]    *is this right?*
    If there are > 0 minutes, this form can only be used if the number of seconds > 0
    If minutes == 0 && seconds == 0, use "1_tenth" sounds
    If minutes > 0 && seconds == 0, switch to long form
    Long form:
    hours >= 1 (seconds / tenths ignored):
    number [hour] / ora(ore) / netto(netti) [zero minutes]
    number [hour] / ora_a(ore_e) / number [minutes] / minuto(minuti)
    hours == 0:
    number [minutes] / minuto(minuti) / netto(netti) [zero seconds & zero tenths]
    number [minutes] / minuto_e(minuti_e) / number [seconds] / secondo(secondi) / netto(netti) [zero tenths]
    number [minutes] / minuto(minuti) / number [seconds] / secondo(secondi) / and_x [tenths]
    number [minutes] / minuto(minuti) / number [seconds] / secondo(secondi) / point / number [hundredths]
    number [minutes] / minuto(minuti) / and_x [tenths] / decimo(decimi)
    number [minutes] / minuto(minuti) / point / number [hundredths]            *does this work?*
    In the long form, the minutes / seconds sections are optional - if there are no seconds we don't read anything for that part. Does that work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_belowski View Post
    26047, to be precise. Shit. I need to get out more :|
    Mr. Belowski,

    Is there a file with the list of all official sounds?


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    the download of voice pack is unavailable....

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    the old, outdated voice pack made by Gianfranco for lies behind a registration wall, and we've been unable to retrieve it recently.
    I'm working on a new, updated and complete pack but I'm still not ready for release. I'll keep you posted, hopefully I should be able to make it for the end of 2018

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    Thank you very much for your work MatteAce! can't wait!

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    Hi MatteAce, do you have any news for us?

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    I finished all the common voice folders, I just have to finish the numbers (which is huge by the way, but I'm halfway done already), then a first pack will be available to be beta-tested. I'm not gonna post it publicly, but I'll definitely need people to help me test it.

    In the meanwhile it gets tested, I'll move on to record the corner names and some opponent names. When this is done, and we tested the pack and fixed stuff, I'll talk with Jim and decide how to release it properly.

    After that, I'll move on to names personalisation, vulgar language, etc.

    So let's say release is not quite behind the corner, but we're not even that far anyway!

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    I have Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa to do some test.

    Thanks for your work


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    Quote Originally Posted by MatteAce View Post
    ...but I'll definitely need people to help me test it....
    iRacing user here, with a team that want help you.

    PM Sent!

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    Any news ?

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