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Thread: Speech recognition trouble shooting

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    Speech recognition trouble shooting

    The app does *not* use the built in Windows speech recogniser. It uses Microsoft Speech Recognition, which is a separate component and must be downloaded and installed, along with an appropriate Language Pack.

    If you're having problems getting speech recognition to work for you, try the following:

    1: Uninstall all of the Microsoft Server Speech items in your Add / Remove Programs control panel ("Microsoft Server Speech Platform Runtime" and any "Microsoft Server Speech Recognition Language" items)
    2: Download (or if you have a 32 bit system)
    3: Install SpeechPlatformRuntime.msi from this package
    4: Install one (and only one) of MSSpeech_SR_en-US_TELE.msi OR MSSpeech_SR_en-GB_TELE.msi from this package
    5: Reboot
    6: Ensure your microphone is set up to be the "Default Device" in the Windows "Recording devices" control panel.
    7: In the microphone "Properties" page in the control panel, ensure AGC (automatic gain control) is off, and the input level is at max
    8: Ensure that the 'Allow apps to access your microphone' setting is enabled in the Windows 'Privacy' control panel
    9: Ensure the app's "Speech recognition locale" property is set to "en" (without the quotes)
    10: Press the app's "Scan for controllers" button (bottom left corner of the main screen)
    11: Select the controller you want to use for activating the radio, then select "Talk to Crew Chief" from the Available actions list
    12: Press the "Assign" button on the app, then press the button you want to use on your controller
    13: Change the "Voice recognition mode" to "Hold button"
    14: Start the app
    15: Hold the button down on you controller, and while it's held down say "can you hear me" into the mic and release the button when you're finished (the game doesn't have to be running). The app *should* respond

    If you want to use a device that isn't the default sound input device, you can do this but you must enable the "Use nAudio for speech recognition" property in the app's Properties screen, then select the device in the "Speech input device" list. Only "Hold button" mode is supported when using nAudio but other modes might work for you

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    It worked perfectly sir. Thank you for assisting. And if I my, thank you for an excellent application. It adds so much to the gaming experience. You will have a donation from me shortly.

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    how can I change voice commands to another language? I really wanted to talk to the chief in Portuguese.

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    When I use Crew Chief in iRacing, the voice recognition automatically opens my web browser during my race session.. Any idea how to turn that off?

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    Only thing i can think of causing this issue is if "Ensure game window on top for voice macros" is disabled, so make sure that enabled, witch it should be by default.

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    Is that in the app or iRacing?

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    Amazing app. Total game changer. Only problem I'm having is my Jim doesn't respond to about 3/4 of my voice prompts. Responding to the other 1/4 makes me think the recognition component is working alright. When you have a spare minute - because really, to make all this and give it away is already more than we could reasonably ask for - could you throw up a list of current voice commands, and perhaps tag which do and don't work with which sims?

    Thank you for the app and the amazing support.


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    I have followed both your directions and the directions within the help document with no luck. Every time that I try to select the Hold button, I get the message "Missing dependency".
    I have uninstalled and re-installed multiple times. Can you point me in the correct direction to solve this issue?

    Don "Ho"

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    My problem was that I wasn't installing this first. Then installing the voice packs. I hope this helps!

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    Followed all the steps it worked. Great started the iracing now Jim has never heard me again.

    I got that Cortina gal answering me but Jim is DEAF to me.

    What is the next step in troubleshooting?

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