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Thread: Rfactor 1 Doesn't Recognize 'Race' Session

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    Rfactor 1 Doesn't Recognize 'Race' Session


    I quite thoroughly enjoy the crew chief app, but in rfactor 1, it does not ever change over in to the "race mode", so I don't get any race related messages.
    (In the log it displays 'qualifying') This doesn't happen in Automobilista so I'm not really sure what is going on.
    Any help would be appreciated (

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    Current version of the app is Is there any issue preventing you from upgrading to the latest? There have been many fixes to rF1 area of CC, update might help.

    Thanks for using CC!
    Crew Chief Mega Corp

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    Hmm, just updated, but still getting the same thing... Ah well, I guess that means that its finally time to move on to rF2 (Lol)

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    I held that back in my original response, but yes, it is time

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