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Thread: SHQM - VEC/VLMS New Skins and Sponsors

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    SHQM - VEC/VLMS New Skins and Sponsors

    Starting with Suzuka race SimHQ Motorsports (SHQM) cars now have a new look along with new official sponsors. Both LM-P1 Div3 and LM-P2 Div2 cars will be carrying P1 Media, CMS (Champion Motorsports) and CrewChief sponsorships as main sponsors. Both car's skins are designed by SkullBo.

    LM-P1 car
    Name:  rFactor2 2018-01-06 22-34-04-29.bmp.jpg
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    LM-P2 car
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    Very pretty. The Crew Chief branding is a little, er, subtle

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