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Thread: How to collect track Corner Data

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    Do we have a worksheet that displays both the tracks already in the Json and tracks that were specifically mapped for AC/Rf/Rf2 etc?

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    Not yet. But you could search trackLandmarks.json using notepad++, ctrl+f, find all in current document:
    Search "rf2TrackNames" (19 hits in 1 file)
    F:\Repos\CrewChiefV4\CrewChiefV4\trackLandmarksDat a.json (19 hits)
    Line 5: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Bathurst" ],
    Line 149: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Brands Hatch Indy", "Brands" ],
    Line 188: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Brands Hatch GP" ],
    Line 256: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Silverstone -- National Layout" ],
    Line 289: "rf2TrackNames": [ "RaceRfactor Austria 2014", "Red Bull Ring GP" ],
    Line 345: "rf2TrackNames": [ "HockenheimRing DTM", "HockenheimRing GP", "RaceRfactor Hockenheim 2014" ],
    Line 490: "rf2TrackNames": [ "RaceRfactor Spa 2013" ],
    Line 785: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Zandvoort" ],
    Line 984: "rf2TrackNames": [ "RaceRfactor Monza 2014" ],
    Line 1105: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Zolder" ],
    Line 1159: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Road America" ],
    Line 1231: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Road America 2016" ],
    Line 1304: "rf2TrackNames": [ "VIR Grand Course" ],
    Line 1364: "rf2TrackNames": [ "VIR North Course" ],
    Line 1412: "rf2TrackNames": [ "VIR Patriot Course" ],
    Line 1436: "rf2TrackNames": [ "VIR South Course" ],
    Line 1472: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Mid-Ohio With Chicane" ],
    Line 1538: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Mid-Ohio No Chicane", "Mid-Ohio Miller 200" ],
    Line 1604: "rf2TrackNames": [ "Barber Motorsports Park 2015" ],

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    excellent! scrolling through the json file left me glassy-eyed. I guess I have short term.... short.....ter.....well I can't remember much at a time..
    We have some work to do!
    Whoops! should be a VIR Full as well....I'll include that, it's already done. Laguna Seca...I mean Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway(LOL!) should be next followed by Mosport(Canadian Tire Motorsports Park) in Canada! I'm trying to think of tracks with named corners and those are two that come to mind first. The Rolex 24hr Road Course at Daytona, hmmm. Silverstone GP and Donnington in Merry Ol England. Imola ... Work work work....

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    Yess, I like that!
    Keep in mind though, that even already mapped tracks do not necessarily match in different games, so, as some Sir said ,"just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there" some checking is needed.

    And your favorite corner is coming, kudos to mr_belowski, the awesome

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    Sunday night is family night, I'll start Monday on some new ones. Finding all the various versions is one of the problems we'll run into. I can't imagine how many versions of Spa are out there.

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    You are right. Good thing is that mechanism allows us to map as many Spa's as we want, as long as they use different "Track Name".

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    Excellent addition to the race sims well done guys.

    If it's any help I've had a go at mapping the corners in a few tracks which I don't think are in there yet.

    Cadwell Park
    The various Oulton layouts

    These were all done in rF2. Where there isn't a corner name which is rare in these older tracks I've referred to them as I would at the track so the right hander before.... as I think that sounds more natural for these tracks than turn 14 or whatever. I'll PM the .json

    There are a few of us racing rF2 at Sig-Racing and at least a couple of use have started using this any chance of a few name additions? I'll add them to the other thread.

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    Just had a thought while mapping some more tracks. Would it provide useful information if the pit limit on entrance and exit were mapped as well? Or at least a cars length away?

    I seem to recall reading in a thread that this information isn't available in game but it could be used to provide warnings of excess speed before the pit lane if the pitting now button has been pressed?

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    Nice idea, but the app doesn't know if the pit button has been pressed so it'd just be yelling at you every lap to slow down

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    Ah ok wouldn't work then. Although would make a change from yelling at me to speed up .

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