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Thread: How to collect track Corner Data

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Holmes View Post
    Oh, is that where the "Theres a wreck in xxx comes from?"

    correct - that's how CC knows how to call certain track area.

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    with iRacing's Ring 24h coming up, here are landmarks for the iRacing Nordschleife and Gesamtstrecke variants.

    I went with putting Klostertal after Mutkurve, since Mutkurve is in the middle of the Klostertal section and the Klostertal bends leading up to Mutkurve are less significant.
    I've included the start of Döttinger Höhe straight and Tiergarten as per the signs because there is CrewChief audio for it, although these sections are not turns.
    T13 (onto Nordschleife), Sabine-Schmitz-Kurve (ex Nordkehre) and Posten 147 (uphill to Hohe Acht) don't have audio and were left out.

    The measurements for the 73 turns as per the Nurburgring website and the Nordschleife-erfahren track guide with 33 lefthanders and 40 righthanders, and the offsets for stitching the track variants together are saved in a Google Sheet:

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