Hi all, had a search through threads but couldn't find anything specific to this issue. Please note I did find something from 2018 (on a similar issue but not this one) that said issues arise after iRacing updates and you should restart. Is that still the case?

I had to pit lap 1 of a race last night. The "begin fuelling" checkbox was unchecked and I missed the fact (so I had to decide to go back up on jacks or go back out with no extra fuel). I have never had to check that checkbox before. But this has now happened to me several times over the past month or so when there's a very early pitstop. It seems to be that if either Crew Chief, or iRacing, has not been able to get enough data, it decides to not fuel you.

Also, which may be connected, when I stopped a second time, Crew Chief said "we think you'll need to pit again". Which was not correct either, a full tank was more than enough to get me home, but the "Begin Fuelling" checkbox was indeed on this time.

Can anyone help?