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Thread: Release Candidate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven Smiles View Post
    Do you mean the Limit available games Property? Click the Reset to default button below it. Or just add it, it's just a text list of game names.
    Thanks, that did it.. Appriciate your time

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    • Add a "Speech Wizard" that may make it easier to set up speech input in the program. This is new code so it may be shaky.
    • Allow first names, prefer them
    • Gridwalk warning for driver with bad reputation
    • Call where the pace/safety car is
    • iRacing: fix license number ending in zero
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements
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    • Two major internal refactors that should have no effect on the way CC works.
    • iRacing: a bunch of new features, most notably the full course yellow restarts in oval races should be useful. "How good is ..." added.
    • Multiple minor bug fixes

    Use the "New Properties" filter if you want to get an idea of what has been added to the Release Candidate.
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    • "Trainee" Crew Chief added which will speak instead of the main crew chief if its sound files are available.
    • Automatically duck the game volume while Crew Chief is outputting sounds. Property "Enable audio ducking".
    • Add voice commands to change the volume of Crew Chief, the game and voice chat program (e.g. Discord) volume. Property "Enable volume control".
    • Various tweaks:
      • "where should I be?" command for pacing positions
      • "who's two positions ahead"
      • "how long ago did the opponent ahead/behind pit?"

    • More iRacing tweaks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven Smiles View Post

    Some more on the "Trainee" feature, that people have been asking about for years, is that we've made it a lot easier for people to incrementally make their own (full) voicepacks. This features is called the Trainee Chief and Jerry Simcik has been recording a great USA accented pack that you can install from (instructions at that page) or (if you don't want to get the latest Jim updates) you can get and point the "Trainee Crewchief" to the full path of where you install Jerry… but you'll need to manually install a few folders yourself if you want Jerry to spot at the same time.

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