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Thread: F1 23 Application

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    F1 23 Application

    I see that spotter only is a feature of ancient F1 titles. This question was partially asked back 2019, but was never answered, so hopefully I will have better luck in 2024.

    Will this app be an option for F1 23? And, is there any technical limitations for having full features (rather than just spotter)?

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    No one in the dev team plays the F1 series so your only hope is that a coder who does play it takes the job on. It's probably not too hard - the others are mainly just clones AFAIK.

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    just registered, since i was searching for a solution to the same problem and found something that may work for you and others too:

    Since F1 2023 still supports UDP Telemetry data, it works exactly the same as the previous games.
    Just select F1 2021 in CrewChief (and set the executable path to F1 23 obviously).

    And in game settings:
    * Activate "UDP Telemetry"
    * Set "UDP Format" to "2021"

    This worked like a charm for me.
    For the future: I think F1 24 doesn't support the 2021 format anymore, but maybe the adjustments in the code aren't too complicated to adjust this.
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