I just want to report things I noticed and have seen that others are experiencing too.
(CrewChief version

1. Driver rating and reputation not loading
When you start the CrewChief it shows that it has loaded all the driver profiles etc, but when you go in to the race, no information is shown. All drivers have the rating of 1.50K and 0.0 reputation.
It stays like that for 10+ min in average. When the time has come, loading of the ratings and reputation freezes whole CrewChief interface for some good amount of seconds.
This is already happening for some couple of months, and I remember in the past it wasn't like that.

2. No slowdown penalty time displayed
Could you please implement that when you get a slowdown penalty it also shows how much you have to slow down and in what time you need to do that?
Just like the default RaceRoom flags show you. Currently if you want to see that you need to enable it in RaceRoom's settings,
but then again it overlaps or is behind CrewChief windows etc. This would be a really good thing implemented and I think others would agree with me on this one.