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Thread: CrewChief Driver Names Audacity Splicing Thread: Sharing Driver_Names for AC

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    CrewChief Driver Names Audacity Splicing Thread: Sharing Driver_Names for AC


    I've been building real-life fields in Assetto Corsa, and have really enjoyed the CC functionality. That is, the app saying the actual names of the car ahead/behind, who's in the lead, etc. It's a great immersive feature.

    There are thousands of driver names in the driver_names folder in AppData, but obviously that can't cover a healthy portion of motorsport, including more recent names. So, recently, someone on the official CC Discord turned me onto the idea of "creating" driver names by splicing other names together in Audacity, and then throwing them in the driver_names folder for CC to use.

    This is my attempt to get a thread together to share some of these files. I figured I might as well share what I've spliced together, as well as see if others have had success.

    I want to plainly emphasize: this is not a thread attempting to press Jim Britton into doing any more voice work (if he's even still active on these forums, not sure). There are thousands of lines in the voice pack, and he's done plenty enough, and the app is still getting updates all these years later. The app is fantastic, and if you haven't already, I implore you to donate. It's an irreplaceable resource for the hobby.

    This is more of a thread to see who's spliced what together with some success, as I have. I'm sure there are people way better at this than I am, that can get way better audio samples on some of the more difficult names.

    I'm going to list the files of spliced names I've made that I consider "close enough to native", the ones that are mediocre, and the ones that are really bad. Suggestions are more than appreciated, and if you have any to add, please add them in a reply below.

    Near-Native Names

    - Guanyu Zhou (current Alfa Romeo F1 driver)
    - Logan Sargeant (current Williams F1 Driver)
    - Charles Leclerc (current Ferrari F1 driver)
    - Alexander Wurz (former Austrian F1 driver)
    - Sebastien Bourdais (former F1 and current IMSA driver)
    - Yuki Tsunoda (F1 Driver)
    - Christophe Bouchut (1993 Le Mans winner and long-time GT1 driver)
    - Rinaldo Capello (Longtime Audi LMP1 driver)
    - Oliver Jarvis (WEC LMP/Super GT driver)
    - Marcel Tiemann (German GT Driver)
    - Franck Lagorce (French LMP '90s driver)
    - Stefano Zonca (Italian Lister Storm driver)
    - Fabrizio Gollin (Ferrari 550 Driver)
    - Lilian Bryner (Famous Swiss female GT driver)
    - Walter Lechner (Konrad Motorsport Saleen driver)
    - Hiroki Katoh (BMW LMP driver)
    - Nick Leventis (HPD LMP driver in late 2000's)
    - Dario/Marino Franchitti (famous racing family)
    - Karun Chandhok (Caterham F1 driver and noobish Sky Sports commentator)
    - Johannes van Overbeek (former IMSA driver)
    - Pipo Derani (Brazilian Prototype driver in WEC and IMSA)
    - Ryo Hirakawa (Super GT driver)
    - Yuichi Nakayama (Super GT Driver)
    - Hiroki Otsu (Super GT Driver)
    - Tadasuke Makino (Super GT Driver)
    - Tsugio Matsuda (Super GT Driver)


    Update 1 (06/09/2023)

    -Jack Leconte (French Porsche Driver)
    -Jörg Bergmeister (German '00s Porsche Driver)
    -Jake Drew (Current Stock Car driver)
    -Jonny Cocker (ELMS GTE Champion)
    -Dan Gurney (Formula 1 Driver and Racing Legend)
    -Max Papis (well-traveled Italian multi-aspect driver)
    -Dan Wheldon (deceased IndyCar champion)
    -Tom Ashton (Radical SR3 Driver)
    -Cort Wagner (Radical SR3 Driver)
    -Seth Neiman (Flying Lizards Motorsports head and driver)
    -Gabriel Aubry (WEC LMP2 Driver)
    -Antonin Borga (WEC COOL Racing Driver)
    -Henrik Hedman (DragonSpeed LMP driver)
    -Madison Snow (American IMSA Driver)
    -Jim Norman (Porsche 911 Cup Driver)
    -Tristan Gommendy (ELMS LMP2 Driver)
    -Ben Hanley (British LMP/IndyCar driver)
    -Thomas Laurent (SignaTech LMP Driver)
    -Ludovic Badey (French WEC Driver)
    -Matt Howson (WEC LMP and Porsche Driver)
    -Mauro Baldi (former F1 and Endurance driver)
    -Klaus Bytzek (Porsche '97 GT1 Customer Driver)
    -Nicky Pastorelli (ALMS/ChampCar Driver)
    -Tony Walls (Australian McLaren 650S Driver)
    -Ronnie Valori (McLaren Driver)
    -Michael Benham (McLaren Customer Driver)
    -Ollie Millroy (Asian Le Mans Series BMW Driver)
    -Thomas Neubauer (French BMW Works Young Driver)

    Mediocre Spliced Names that Need Work

    - Alex Albon (current Williams F1 driver)
    - Nicolas Latifi (Greatest F1 driver of all time)
    - Terry Borcheller (elite ALMS sportscar driver in the 90's)
    - Marcel Fassler (Swiss former WEC driver)
    - Allan McNish (former GT1/LM driver and current F1 race director)
    - Marco Bonanomi (Italian GT driver)
    - Walter Brun (962 driver)
    - Romain Dumas (this one was included in the original pack, but pronounced Doo-mass. Had to replace it with the French pronunciation, as he comes up too much as a famous WEC LMP driver)
    - Yuhi Sekiguchi (Super GT driver)
    - Ukyo Sasahara (Super GT driver)
    - Katsumasa Chiyo (Super GT Driver)
    - Ronnie Quintarelli (Super GT Driver)


    Update 1 (06/09/2023)

    -Antonio Hermann (80's Porsche Driver)
    -Hans Herrmann (Early F1 Driver) - replacement, pronounced as "Hah-rmann" in previous CC .wav
    -Richard Westbrook (LMP1/Hypercar Driver)
    -Max Angelelli (Italian Prototype Driver and Daytona24 Winner)
    -Patrick Bornhauser (French GTE-AM Driver)
    -Dean Stoneman (F2 Champion/McLaren Driver)
    -Neil Verhagen (American BMW Works Young Driver)

    Terrible Attempts at Splicing/Need Help With

    - Simon Pagenaud (IndyCar driver)
    - Stephane Sarrazin (Toyota LMP1 driver in early 2010s)
    - Hiroaki Ishiura (Super GT driver)
    - Yuuji Kunimoto (Super GT driver)
    - Ritomo Miyata (Super GT Driver)
    - Heikki Kovalainen (hardest one, former Finnish F1 driver)
    - Yuji Tachikawa (Super GT driver, theme here with Japanese names)
    - Tomoki Nojiri (Super GT driver)
    - Daiki Sasaki (Super GT Driver)


    Update 1 (06/09/2023)

    No names in this category.

    These are so bad that I'd need to redo them or leave it to someone better. Particuarly Sarrazin, Kovalainen and Ishiura.

    This is what I've gotten to so far - I'll come back every now and then with updates when I have some more. And, of course, share yours if you have any.

    GDrive Link:

    Simply drag and drop these .wav files into your CrewChief driver_names folder in AppData. The app should read them properly, given the skin has the proper last name written into the ui_skin.json file in AC. CC will then use them as if they were native to the app.



    Update 1 released, 06/09/23. Notes above.

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    Oh, wow, this actually went through! It was in "administrator review" for about a week, so I just gave up on it. I have a few updates, and will see if I can get that GDrive into shape.

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    Thanks for doing these, I've put the first two sets in a pair of merge requests to be reviewed and added to a future sound download pack

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    Cheers! Happy to help. Definitely don't add the "terrible" ones. They are quite bad.

    I've done quite a few more and will add them when I have time. I'll add a changelog too.

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    Update 1 uploaded, should be in the GDrive.

    No stinkers this go around, but there's a few that need some work, namely Verhagen and Bornhauser.

    Download above. Thanks.


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