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Thread: Problems with Assetto Corsa and CPU usage

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    Question Problems with Assetto Corsa and CPU usage

    Hey all,

    I've been using CC for about a year and it's been awesome, I love it! Recently I've been having issues with it . It's pretty high CPU usage during racing, causing the game to drop frames and stutter (making it almost unusable online), crashing and freezing . Sometimes after I end a race, CC will just freeze and I have to kill the process . I also find that multiple session restarts seems to make it worse . It happens online and single player .

    Specs (I know it's pretty dated, but it still runs most things pretty well) -
    Using onboard audio on Asus Z97-K
    i5 4690K @ 4.6Ghz
    16GB DDR3
    Windows 10 (fully up to date)
    All installed on M2 SSD.

    I'd really like to solve this problem as I love the immersion and extra info from CC, but I find it almost impossible to use now.

    Many thanks


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    Seems I managed to solve it myself by updating the audio drivers. Had to use some from the MSI website because they appeared to be newer than anything on realtek's website, but all good now.

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