Hey all,

I've been using CC for about a year and it's been awesome, I love it! Recently I've been having issues with it . It's pretty high CPU usage during racing, causing the game to drop frames and stutter (making it almost unusable online), crashing and freezing . Sometimes after I end a race, CC will just freeze and I have to kill the process . I also find that multiple session restarts seems to make it worse . It happens online and single player .

Specs (I know it's pretty dated, but it still runs most things pretty well) -
Using onboard audio on Asus Z97-K
i5 4690K @ 4.6Ghz
Windows 10 (fully up to date)
All installed on M2 SSD.

I'd really like to solve this problem as I love the immersion and extra info from CC, but I find it almost impossible to use now.

Many thanks