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    First of all my deepest appreciation for making GTR2 work in VR. Can't thank you enough cause it runs beautifully on lower-end machines like mine!
    Has anyone managed to get this to work with OpenComposite? (can't post link due to low post-count:
    I just tried but GTR2 refuses to launch if SteamVR isn't running, while in other games it does by "pretending" to be SteamVR itself.

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    Well, actually I am experimenting with that right now. There are 2 versions of OC - one that maps to Oculus API and another that maps to OpenXR. Which one are you using? Also, what is your HMD? Not all HMDs offer 32bit OpenXR runtime.

    I am experimenting with PimaxXR and potentially adding OpenXR support directly to GTR2, but it does not look like it will improve anything, in fact there are multiple issues and performance so far is lower.

    Lastly, did you enable DXVK VR in GTR2? Depending on your hardware, that might be the fastest option. See the plugin manual on how to do that.

    Assuming your HMD supports 32bit OpenXR, I know why OC is crashing (figured it out yesterday ). Join the CCGEP project Discord and I could send you special plugin version to see if OC improves anything on your HMD.

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    Thank you so much Wolf!
    I'm using the OpenXR branch on an Oculus Rift S.
    I've tried both with and without DXVK and I'm experiencing this:
    The framerate fluctuates between 40 and 50 FPS every second. This fluctuation is steady as a beat, I mean it repeats almost exactly every second without ever stopping! Very weird.
    I'll join the Discord server and again, thank you very much!

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