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Thread: CC mutes all in game sounds when speaking

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    CC mutes all in game sounds when speaking

    As the thread title says, when CC is speaking all other game sounds are muted (engine noise, tire squeal, etc...). Is this normal behavior in iRacing?
    I didn't see a volume mixer anywhere other than the "Background" sound slider next to "Message" volume slider. Adjusting the background slider adds some car noise back it, however it doesnt seem to line up with what is happening on screen.
    Any thoughts?


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    I am experiencing a very similar problem.

    When the Crew Chief spotter announces a lap time the volume in iRacing reduces.

    I've check windows 11 settings / iRacing settings / Crew Chief settings and can't find the solution.

    Any ideas?

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    Make sure windows dont turn down volume when it hears communication from other apps, its a checkbox in sound settings, Control Panel->Sound->Advanced and Control Panel->Sound->Communication both likely needs to be changed.

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