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Thread: UI Change Request

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    UI Change Request

    Love the app. But as with any software, improvements can be made. For me, I think the User Interface could use some improvement. Here is my thoughts.

    I know that there are soooo many users of Crew Chief. And I realize that Crew Chief is a very powerful add-on, capable of a LOT of actions and feedback. However, how many people are truly utilizing Crew Chief for everything that they would like?!? How many people actually know all of the capabilities of Crew Chief to even be able to utilize them? My guess is probably not a very large % of people.

    I think that part of this may be due to the actual UI of the Properties window (for me at least). I feel it is cumbersome to navigate, and not very clear as to what many settings actually do.

    I think if this window was slightly reformatted, it would be better and easier to understand. Basically, I would like to see all of the settings in a vertical scrolling list (all settings on top of each other), instead of in a left-to-right plus scrolling layout as it currently is.
    Think of this idea in columns, with the setting name in the 1st column, the actual setting options or variable string in the 2nd column, an explanation of the setting in the 3rd column (similar to the current hover-over information), and of course a "Reset to default" button in the 4th column.

    In the explanation column, I would like to see a more thorough explanation than what is currently shown in the hover-over popup. The current hover-over explanation is pretty much useless to me for most of the settings. If this isn't possible due to space, then a brief explanation in this column with either a more thorough hover-over popup, or a link to a more thorough explanation for each setting.

    Does anyone else think that the UI of the properties window could use some tweaking to improve it's readability?

    Also, as an additional side note relating to UI... From the main screen, the only real information that needs to be displayed continuously is the top 1/3 of the window (start button, playback device options, game, voices). Although the logging area and the controller/actions area are probably valuable to most people from time to time, it's not something that I feel most people have a need to have displayed continuously. With that said, this takes up a lot of screen real estate that I don't feel is needed. I would like to see a simple button that will hide/unhide the bottom 2/3 of the window, so that it's only displayed when needed.

    Oh yeah... One more idea... Dark Mode!!!! How many of us use our rigs in a darkened room with Crew Chief sitting on an extra monitor. My guess is fairly many. An option to have Dark Mode would help prevent the glaring bright white window staring at you in those cases.

    If anyone agrees with my ideas, please let Jim know by replying to this thread. If enough people think my ideas here are good, then perhaps Jim will listen. But if you don't reply, there's no way for him to know if people like these ideas or not.

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    The Properties have exploded over time and are rather unwieldy but I'm doubtful that your Properties window changes improves things much (except for adding more text to the tooltips which trivial - once the words have been written).

    I agree about the main window, a lot of stuff there that doesn't need to be but changing the code has proved... challenging... and really the UI is not that important to CC.

    Dark mode is nearly impossible to do to the existing code - I tried! You can always minimise the window.

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    Found a good work around to get dark-mode on Crew Chief App. I'm using "Dark Mode Any App" (google search for darkmodeanyapp) which alters the colours by inversion. Works quite well. Application offers a free 30 day trial then requires registration.

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