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Thread: Voice commands recognition extrange bug.:confused:

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    Question Voice command recognition bug - ACC mode - Recognizes undocumented string.


    I have created a speech_recognition_config.txt file in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\CrewChiefV4.
    Most commands are in spanish, including: PIT_STOP_FUEL_TO_THE_END = box, gasofa hasta el final
    Language = es-ES (it's is also in CrewChief properties)
    Removed original file from install folder D:\Software\Britton IT Ltd\CrewChiefV4

    In Assetto Corsa Competizione mode:
    It still recognizes a command "fuel to the end" read like if it was spanish, it does not understand it read in english.
    System recogniser recognised : "fuel to the end", Confidence = 0.693
    Then it does the thing of adding fuel.
    The string "fuel to the end" is not in my file.
    It does not recognize "box, gasofa hasta el final" or "box, fuel to the end" from original file
    PIT_STOP_FUEL_TO_THE_END = pitstop fuel to the end:box, fuel to the end:pitstop fuel to the end of the race:box, fuel to the end of the race

    From the help table, ACC column:
    Pitstop add [X litres /gallons] does not work in any language.
    ---es PIT_STOP_ADD = box, pon (number)
    ---en PIT_STOP_ADD = pitstop add:box, add (number)
    Add fuel [X litres], I cannot find it in speech_recognition_config.txt

    In RF2 mode:
    It recognizes my PIT_STOP_FUEL_TO_THE_END = box, gasofa hasta el final
    It does note recognize undocumented "fuel to the end" nor strings from original file(deleted). So, there isn't a hidden copy anywhere.
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