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Thread: Suggestions for new features and improving existing features

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    Suggestions for new features and improving existing features


    first of all i want to say i love CrewChief and i use it for a long time now. These following suggestions might be not possible or not a good idea in general but through the time of using it some things could make the experience even better. Please keep in mind, these are only suggestions and/or ideas.

    -When a pitstop is requested and you cross the last sector timing line, to remind the driver to "Reminder to Box Box" and if the app can check the pitstop settings then "we take soft tires, 90L of fuel, swap driver to xxx, wing adjustmenr, tire pressure adjustment, we dont repair damage". It could be always give info for tires and fuel and only info for the other adjustments if they are changed for this pitstop. Because sometimes it would help if you forgot to change somethings

    -A countdown from 5 when the car will be released from the pitbox

    -Often times CrewChief only calls yellow/green flag but doesn't calls what sector its in, maybe "yellow flag sector 2, crash in turn 6" would be nice

    -When something happened infront and you are coming up to this turn, an extra message to "be careful turn xx" or "take care in turn xx" or "crash in turn xx"

    -A warning when there is a slow car on track. If the sector is not yellow but there is a damaged or off pace car.

    -Non-critical messages like pace or gaps only on straights. Sometimes thats tough, the option is available, i know that, but could CrewChief "learn" the tracks you are racing on and adjust the messages accordingly?

    -Crewchief setting a target laptime to catch the car in front or build more gap to the car behind. Like "we need a pace of 1:30.5 to close the gap" or something more general like "push if you can, we can close the gap"

    -Information about the pace of your direct opponents and maybe the leader. Only calling the pace of the car in front and directly behind you more often. Sometimes the pace of the leaders

    -Information about tire compounds of your direct opponents, i know crewchief can see tire compound, maybe he can call it in the race not only when they pitted

    -Multi-Class Messages are often not specific enough, CrewChief calls something like "P4 is off", but he doenst specify what class or overall p4 or p4 in another class. Maybe only call "the leader is pitting now" or "P4 is off" for the class you are racing in and ignore the other classes, because most of the time you dont need information about the leader of another class going off or pitting

    Anyway, these are my suggestions. If these things are nonsense or in the works or even already in the app and i didnt realise then sorry for that otherwise ty for your time.

    Keep pushing


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    Some interesting ideas there, pretty sure some are not possible in at least some games because they don't provide the information. We had a go at a pitstop reminder but didn't get it working reliably, maybe time to have another go at it.

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