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Thread: Bug when changing playback device in Win 10

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    Bug when changing playback device in Win 10

    On PC - if you change playback device in Windows 10 after starting CC you can get the radio 'noise' through the old playback device, but the CC voice through the newly appointed playback device.

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    yeah, there are a few similar issues around audio device changing, especially when devices are added or removed (prompting a re-indexing of the device list). There's already a fix in the pipeline to address these issues, hopefully it'll be in the next release

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    FYI: For me, it goes even deeper than that. For example, when the crew chief says something, some of the words come from one audio device, and other words come from the other audio device. It's really bizarre...
    What's strange is that I never had this problem until some random point about 3-4 months ago. It could have been during an update. But I can't remember.

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