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Thread: "Respond to voice commands immediately" not working

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    "Respond to voice commands immediately" not working

    The settings is not working for me.
    I have it checked with voice recognition mode "Hold button" but CC only gives me an answer when i release the button.

    Do i need to activate another settings somewhere to make this work?

    "Block messages when talking to the Chief" is disabled so thats not it.
    The console log "Invoking speech recognition..." only pops up when i release the button.

    Non-default Properties:
    add_additional_fuel: 0.5
    always_report_time_in_hundredths: True
    enable_on_hold_close_channel_beep: True
    enable_pearls_of_wisdom: False
    enable_vr_overlay_windows: False
    minimize_to_tray: True
    naudio_output_interface_listprop: 'WASAPI'
    pit_box_position_countdown: True
    prefer_max_consumption_in_fuel_calculations: True
    run_immediately: True
    show_splash_screen: False
    sre_button_release_delay: 100
    sre_respond_while_channel_still_open: True
    time_after_race_start_for_spotter: 0
    trigger_word_for_always_on_sre: 'Chief'
    use_naudio_for_speech_recognition: True
    use_sweary_messages: True
    13:48:08.519 : Getting audio from nAudio input stream
    13:48:24.572 : Invoking speech recognition...
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    Found a solution.
    I had to disable "Use nAudio for speech recognition" to make this work.

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