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Thread: CC Audio Playback issues (after Windows update??)

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    Question CC Audio Playback issues (after Windows update??)

    So, there's a bit of a story here - and it takes a while to get to the CC part, but trust me its there...

    For my own reasons, I run my audio @ 44.1K instead of 48K. I relented on the weekend and allowed the lastest Win10 update to go through. As per usual after an update my sound devices get messed up. W10 wants to always enable HDMI audio X3 , one for each monitor, among other things.

    I noticed my audio interface was lit up displaying it was operating in 48K mode. I checked the main game audio channel and it was @ 44.1. I had to go through each of the 4 pairs of devices before I found outputs 5&6 were @ 48K. Changed and rebooted. All channels were at 44.1K. Audio test samples played at the proper speed and pitch ( my audio test track will sound pitched uyp and faster if its at 48K).

    OK, so I go through all my audio related programs ensuring thay are set to the right output pairing.

    Firs thing I notice is that when CC fires up, I don't hear Jim, only Claire. I removed CC from auto launch and re boot machine. When I start CC, same thing, No Jim. But, Claire is fine. If I stop the program and then start it, I hear Jim & Claire.
    CC responds to button presses, but Jim sounds a bit out of it... slower and lower in pitch. And Claire, sounds a bit off too honestly. It make me thing that CC is operating at a different sample rate and behaving simlairly to my test audio track except in reverse.

    I've unassigned and re assigned the outputs channels CC sends audio through, no change. Kind of stumped here. I've changed the audio to WMD (I think) and back to WASPI ( or whatever that other setting is), and still Jim is a bit off.

    Anyone got anything for this one? I do not have your average windows audio hardware , so that's there too.
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    So I have a bit more on this problem.
    I've changed a few things
    - I'm now doing proper 5.1 surround via the realtek audio chipset and optical to my amp.
    - All my outputs are set to 48K, with the option for 44.1 disabled. Bit depth in CC set to 48k
    - I am not using a launcher to load programs.

    When I launch CC the bit rate for my MOTU device ( which Im still using for a couple things) drops to 44.1, and I dont hear Jim or Claire. I was watching for this. I checked my audio settings, specifically he output pairing that CVC uses. It was set to 41.1. The second I clicked it back to 48K the display on my device changed to 48k; when I fired up CC I heard Jim and Clair.

    So, I dont know why CC is causing the channel to revert to 44.1, but it's been isolated to that.

    PITA that Im having to look for this every time.

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