1. How to report CC behavior issues (incorrect, missing messages etc)?

2. I selected Spotter voice other than Jim, but I still hear most messages announced by Jim.

3. Crew Chief doesn't work, what can I do?

4. I can't install/update PC version of Crew Chief. What can I do?

5. Where does Crew Chief store sound files?

6. Crew Chief announces "your time is best in your class", why?

7. Crew Chief says my tires/brakes are too hot/cold, but I think/know temps are fine. How can I configure Crew Chief behavior regarding tire/brake temps?

8. How can I start Crew Chief from the command line?

9. Are there alternative sound packs available for Crew Chief in languages other than English?

10. I need a sound pack for my language, can I record it?

11. The app's sounds stutter a little when it's first started.

12. Desktop/start menu CC shortcut link is broken after every CC update.

13. CC text looks very small on my 4k display.

14. CC does not recognize voice commands, or recognizes them rarely.

15. There are too many settings in CC Preferences window, I am lost.

16. I want to redirect CC and game sounds into separate headphones or speakers.

18. Can't install/uninstall Crew Chief.

19. Speech recognition errors.

20. Where can I find older Crew Chief versions?

21. Install file "could harm your device"