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Thread: Known Issues.

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    Known Issues.

    Last updated:05/23/2018

    You can see the detailed list of things considered at the end of this post. Features marked as [WIP] are currently being worked on. [Fixed] means will be included in the next update.

    A few of the general known issues currently are but not limited to:

    - Ovals have not yet been tested, and the use oval sounds are not currently played (I think)

    - In order for live positions to work correctly you will have to have all cars enabled in graphics setings(64) or the max nr of cars that are allowed in the current session. Please note, that game does not provide exact real time positions. We've workarounds for that, but sometimes positions will be wrong.
    This is not a limitation of Crew Chief but a limitation of iRacing!

    - Not all cars are mapped to car classes. If you'd like to help, see here: . Send us your mappings for inclusion with CC.

    --------------------- Detailed Known Issues/Features Considered ----------------

    - No message on qualification finish, also no message on green flag during qualification

    - Need introductory messages Lone Practice (Test Session), Practice, and possibly, Qualification

    - Oval races support

    - Dirt races support
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    Hello, do you have a manual for me? I will starting the Crew Chief at iracing and i can not hear the spotter? I to choose in the menu iRacing and push start. But in game comes the voice and message from the iRacing spotter?

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    Please to delete my message! I have to found the problem. The spotter from iracing to turned off and the system is running :-)

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