Hi guys,

first of all a huuuuge thanks for bringing this to Richard Burns Rally! I was taking a break from RBR but had seen this in your change log sometime ago and was keen on trying it once I get back to it. And here I am! So it works great and the voice is sooo much more clear than with other options. So thank you very much for that and I hope you keep up the development.

Now one thing I have directly however noticed is that the corner numbers are 1 higher than they used to be in the default co-pilot voice of RBR. Since I had in the beginning both on it had been pretty clear. Whenever original says 2, crew chief says 3; instead of 3 says 4 and instead of 5 says 6. I have also never heard it saying 1 or 2 at all and when it says 3 I had to adjust my skills to know that I have to brake at max capacity in order to make the corner...

Is there like a way to adjust this "sensitivity" for corner numbers? I don't want to correct every corner manually if all of them are higher by 1 digit, then it makes more sense for me to adapt myself which I for the most part have done, but I do feel that I do lack some accuracy if the numbers 2 and 1 are never used?