I had thought this was an iRacing issue for some time, but not so sure now.

I have this recurring issue where after a few races, all of a sudden the iRacing sound will cut out. All I am left with is what is coming from Crew Chief. I don't hear any of the in-game radio and I don't hear the car noise. One would think that it was an iRacing issue, but I've noticed the last few times that it did it that it seems to start in conjunction with Crew Chief coming on to tell me something. As far as I can tell, the sound doesn't cut off when nothing is happening, it is always right at the time that Crew Chief comes on to tell me something like my lap time, or the track temp, or how far I am ahead or behind someone. If I have the opportunity to pit and then go to the sound settings and change the source back and forth then it will fix the issue, but that isn't always an option. I'm thinking that since both iRacing and Crew Chief have options on which sound settings to use that it might be possible that Crew Chief is somehow messing something up on iRacing. Anyone else having this issue? I've been having the issue sporadically for a long time and had originally submitted an inquiry to iRacing but they weren't that helpful and said it was either a problem with my PC or with Crew Chief.