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Thread: Setting up Crew Chief using a GOXLR....

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    Question Setting up Crew Chief using a GOXLR....

    Hey drivers, I recently installed Crew Chief, an although the app is absolutely fantastic, literally will not drive now without Jim and Claire in my headset talking to me anymore, however, I've been searching the forums and scouring the internet for the last few days trying to see if anyone else has the same issue of trying to setup Crew Chief with a GOXLR, to no avail, so I'm going to try get some help here at the source, now before I write anymore, I have seen previous threads and read "MR_belowski"'s in depth talk about Microsoft Speech Recognition, and a few other posts on using voicemeeter banana and potato and all the others, none on the HTC GOXLR, now like I said the app works flawlessly as it should and "message playback" and "Background playback" default to the correct channels for the GOXLR and I can hear both Chief and spotter perfectly always, the problem arises when, you guessed it, trying to talk to Jim, regardless of the recognition mode selected ( hold button, press and release, always on, etc) Like I've said, I'm not posting because I did not try and am just looking for the answers, I have tried multiple different options to try get it to register, I reset all sounds to default and tried the app as is intended, with the default preferred windows speech etc enabled and it could not pick me up, I then done some more digging and found that you have the "nAudio for speech" to select in the app, which inputs and outputs what you want, I then tried that option too, to no avail, I've tried opening the app and then right clicking the sound icon and opening the app volume and "device preferences" and set them to the correct channels in there, still nothing, I also tried right clicking the sounds tab again and reset the playback and recording tabs and tried them with both app exclusive modes both on and off and same with allow app to take exclusive control, still nothing...again I'd like to point out that through all testing and trial and error methods, I could always hear Jim and Claire they could just not hear me. I said "ok that didn't work, let me try again" and tried to see if it was just my mic and proceeded to set up my entire mic again for scratch and read the same annoying line to my PC very very many times, checked thresholds to make sure that was not the issue, everything was and is as it should be, the PC is detecting me perfectly, and hearing me, with all that being done I went back to the app opened up Crew Chief and thought ok Jim this is the one, you are gonna hear my commands dammit, only this time to be hit with "Playing sounds, events: acknowledge/didnt_understand" but this was progress, before there was the "No speech input detected" messages in the console and it sadly goes without saying, Jim did and still cannot not hear me and hits me with the "Your breaking up mate" line. At this point I've just resorted to Key binding my commands to ask Jim stuff, but it would be so much better if I could just ask him, but I thought maybe posting here someone may have found a solution or know a solution to the problem, as I've literally tried everything at this point, oh I even tried routing the audio on the GOXLR itself to only crew chief that also didn't work.. anyways I'm all out of Ideas, any and all ideas would be apricated

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