Hey Jim!

Love CrewChief, and I have been using it in iRacing for several years now. I love how much you have put into it.

My friends and I have noticed something, and we want to give you credit where credit is due, and also make a suggestion related to it:

With my settings, I get a perfect amount of updates about other cars, especially when there is an incident.

What we've noticed, is that virtual Jim pretty much always says things like: "Looks like <driver name>.. " or " .. I think <driver name> ..." ... and I would say that almost 100% of the time you're correct!

Would it be possible to add some voice cues like "<Driver name> went off at corner two", or "Incident between <driver1> and <driver2>.." ...

the call is pretty much always right, so i'd rather hear it said that way than a "maybe it's .."

Keep doing what you're doing!

Awesome program!