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Thread: Showcasing CC commands AMS2 Porsche Cayman GT4. Thank you Mr. Belowski !!

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    Showcasing CC commands AMS2 Porsche Cayman GT4. Thank you Mr. Belowski !!

    Thank you for a wonderful companion app. I've been using it in all my sim titles but I recently got interested in the major progress of Reiza and their title AMS2...just loving it.
    but traversing a menu system with buttons and switches although for many may be good enough, it just wasn't my cup of tea. So I spent the time to learn how to do the configurations in CC to make it work with the different classes/cars I like to experience in AMS2 and this is due to the fact for the differences each class/car has as options and how the menu system works as of the time of this posting. ( The menu dynamically changes with different options ). Read my additional comments on my YT channel ClickerSnapper01...Thank you again!
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    I haven't really looked at AMS2 (although I do play it sometimes), what you've done suggests that a Pit Manager for it could be added to Crew Chief though it would need a data store with all the car classes and their available menu options. It was messy enough doing it for rF2 which provides the contents of the pit menu display, doing it with no feedback is not something I don't fancy taking on. Though at least with AMS2 you have a known set of vehicles, no modders adding their own pit menu layouts!

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