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Thread: IRacing crew chief communications

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    IRacing crew chief communications

    When I first start the application the Crew Chief and Spotter does the radio check I ask can you hear me he responds yes. I open Iracing and ask if he can hear me when starting practice and race and it isconfirmed that he can hear me. The practice or race starts and the crew chief doesn’t respond and pit choices are not confirmed or carried out. A few times whe asking to time pit stop he does. When asked about fuel usage I’m told he doesn’t have that information.

    I have uninstalled and re-installed the program no change. I have checked and double checked voice recognition and troubleshot the microphone it works fine. After conducting all of these steps I still can’t get a response to my voice commands. Any ideas?

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    Crew Chief is requiring exact phrases (combination of words) and Windows sometimes is rather picky about how those phrases are delivered. I found in the beginning things were problematic. But eventually I began to get better at understanding what and how to say things. Also, a real turning point for me was training myself to take a slight pause after pressing the "Hold to Talk" button. There is some latency between the button press and when Windows starts "listening". If even a fraction of the first word is cut off, the phrase recognition is not accurate. If Crew Chief responds to anything you say, then its working and you just have to get good at doing the dance.

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