I was using CrewChief for a while with iRacing and ACC up until last month. I play using my Oculus Quest 2 headset and audio is output via the Oculus Virtual Audio Driver. I never had any issues. But one day, I launched iRacing and CC only to find that no audio was coming through. I uninstalled CC and all appdata and Document files and reinstalled to no avail. If I switch to a different audio device, I can get the initial radio check to play on application startup. But then nothing happens in any game. I have uninstalled the Oculus software and CC multiple times as well as dug into all of my sound control panel properties. But still nothing. All other audio aside from CC works as it should. Can you help me to troubleshoot the issue and, hopefully, figure out if the issue is with CC or with a Windows or device setting?

I know you'll want logs but am not sure how to fetch them for CC aside from the dialogue present in the application UI.