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Thread: Multiclass Race

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    Multiclass Race


    how can i setup CrewChief that he inform me earlier about faster cars in multiclass races. I found two option in properties if i search for multiclass. This value is in both 15. (one which warn me if a faster clas is behind other settings if he overtake me)

    What are the value is ? what means 15 ?


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    it's a target number of seconds before you'll be close to the other car (within 10 metres). The calculation is complicated and I'm reviewing it now (because it seems like the warnings when you're approaching a slower class car are being called later than I'm expecting).

    The intention is that if this is set to 15, the app figures out your best lap's average speed and the opponent car class average speed, and uses those to guess how long it'll take for the two cars to reach each other (assuming they're bother travelling at their average speed, which is a bit of a simplification but should be OK). So if you set 15, expect to get about 15 seconds warning

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