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Thread: Crew Chief GTR2 Enhancements Project Beta thread

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    Regular x86 binaries:
    AVX2 binaries:

    * Adjust dirt pickup algorithm limits.

    * Minor optimization/cleanup.

    * Removed graphicsForceCockpitViewInPits setting since .plr Locked Pit Cam="1" has the same effect. Thanks @Silvanob2 for letting me know about this.

    Manual update:
    * Add instructions on how to use this plugin with the HQ Anniversary Patch.

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    Just registered. Very interested in Crew Chief. Just downloaded.

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    Regular x86 binaries:
    AVX2 binaries:
    Beta Manual:

    * Dirt pickup fixes. If you use Dirt Pickup feature, this Beta is highly recommended.

    * Motec Enhancements. New elements supported:
    • Per-wheel lockup/spin warning indicator
    • Water temperature indicator
    • Oil temperature indicator
    • ABS aid level indicator
    • Traction Control aid level indicator

    To enable Enhanced Motec elements set graphicsEnableEnhancedMotec = 1.
    Requires matching car changes.

    * Additional LCD/Motec Data Pages:
    • Tire Wear page
    • Tire Pressure page
    • Position Info page
    • Gap behind/ahead page

    To enable Additional Data Pages set graphicsMotecEnableAdditionalDataPages = 1
    Note: fully enabling this functionality requires Motec texture modifications to include new data page icons.

    • Position Info data page – class position is not implemented yet.
    • Gap behind/ahead data page – not yet class aware. Also, does nothing in practice/qualification, this might get improved in the future.?

    * Updated to explain the new features.
    * All the Manual sections that are intended for modders now start with "For Modders:".

    Note: this is the last single threaded version of the plugin, going forward it may not run well on 2 core CPUs (depending on features enabled).

    Big Thanks to Chmul Khom for helping with the new Motec features, finding serious dirt pickup bug and testing.

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    Regular x86 binaries:
    AVX2 binaries:
    Beta Manual:

    * For Modders: '%' icon has to go to square [4,3] not [4,7] as previously. That fixes issue with some Motecs.

    * For Modders: updated with the new FNMOTCTL template.

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