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Thread: Crew Chief GTR2 Enhancements Project Beta thread

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    Crew Chief GTR2 Enhancements Project Beta thread

    On this thread I'll be posting Beta versions of the GTR2 Crew Chief Enhancements Project plugin.

    To use the latest Beta binaries, make sure you have the latest CC installed. During beta, property names may change a lot, so you may want to save CrewChief.ini and .cchdc files that match the latest full release.

    Please let me know if something breaks down with the Beta plugin and if you have questions.

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    * Added feature where wipers can clear off the screen dirt buildup (graphicsWipersClearDirtScreen setting). This makes wipers useful even when it isn't raining. Additional bonus is that dirt on the windshield will get saved on a game save.
    * Improved wiper animation. It should never get out of sync now.

    * Fix save/load (flat spots and dirty tires) in the Championship.

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    Sequential Gearbox:

    * Implement lift to shift feature.

    This feature improves simulation of older sequential gearboxes, notably the one used in Skip Barber (rTrainer mod). Downshifts/upshifts will be refused if engine generates effective torque above the set threshold. Most often for shift to succeed lift off the throttle is enough. However, in some situations it is faster to shift using the clutch. For Skippy, I suggest starting with:
    gearboxSequentialLiftToUpshiftTorqueNM = 40.000000
    gearboxSequentialLiftToDownshiftTorqueNM = 25.000000

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    Manual H-Shifted Gearbox:
    * First cut of Manual H-Shifted gearbox "simulation" improvements to enhance older cars (PnG, older F1 etc). To enable, set gearboxHShiftedRevMatchSensitivity = 0.100000

    Still WIP: gearbox damage, CC integration, good defaults.

    Huge thanks go to author of Grinding Tranny mod (and Niels for connecting us ). He was cooperative and kind sharing his work with me, so I was able to learn the problem much faster, and reused his idea of estimating the needed RPMs and part of configuration params.

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    Crew Chief:

    Fix missing telemetry if session is restarted without going back to the garage. Requires enableMissingTelemetryFix set to 1.

    Manual H-Shifted Gearbox:
    * Rename main property, to enable H-Shifted manual gearbox enhancements set gearboxHShiftedRevMatchTolerance = 0.100000. Note: make sure "hold button for gear" is enabled.

    New plugin defaults:

    Enable all essential fixes by default. Enabled features/fixes:


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    Crew Chief:

    Additional fixes for issues caused by the restart from menu.

    Increase wiper screen dirt cleanup speed

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    Manual H-Shifted Gearbox:
    * Implement gearbox damage. Damaged gearbox will cause more misshifts and will eventually lead to DNF. To enable, gearboxHShiftedDamageSensitivity to 1.0, and lower/raise that value to get more or less damageable gearbox.

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    Hi @IronWolf,
    i need to ask you witch one of the DL should i choose, i am a bit confused.
    regular x86 or the other one ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvanob2 View Post
    Hi @IronWolf,
    i need to ask you witch one of the DL should i choose, i am a bit confused.
    regular x86 or the other one ?
    Hello - It actually doesn't matter much - regular x86 is safer, but if you know your CPU supports AVX2 instructions - you can use the other one. Also, you could just try AVX2, if it doesn't crash you are ok to use it.

    The difference between them - AVX2 is tiny bit faster, but requires newer processor.

    BTW, just wanted to tell that I reworked the H-Shifted gearbox damage since version, but I can't put beta out because it needs matching Crew Chief app changes. Shifting, however is not changed, so if you want to try that Beta is good for that and all other fixes. New version ( should get released very soon with the app update.

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    Thanks for the infos
    you talk about the H-shifter damage, do you know if damage will also be there on the sequencial shifter?

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