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Thread: Crew Chief GTR2 Enhancements Project Beta thread

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    x86 Plugin binaries:
    AVX2 Plugin binaries:
    OpenVR update:
    DXVK fork for GTR2:

    * Minor DX9 VR improvements.

    * VRToolkit fix - matching update from Retrolux:
    * Add key binding to restart the race.

    Also, first cut of XD-like SimHub UI from Sikjar/Shovas:
    For best experience, don't forget to set: graphicsForceBorderlessWindow = 1

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    DXVK fork for GTR2:

    Update DXVK binary to allow something similar to SGSSAA. Note that this is brute force hack, and it pretty much kills whatever gains DXVK has over DX9, unless the resolution is lowered. I might be able to speed it up in the future.

    To enable this new AA form:
    dxvk.forceSampleRateShading = True

    and, either enable AA in GTR2Config or use:


    dxvk.forceSampleRateShadingFactor can be used to adjust how AA looks like.

    Thanks to Retrolux for suggesting this trick

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    x86 Plugin binaries:
    AVX2 Plugin binaries:
    DXVK for GTR2:

    * Reduce wall barriers and tree flicker. To enable, set graphicsEnableAdvancedFlickerFix = 1. Note that this works best with DXVK. In dxvk.conf set d3d9.forceD32FS8DepthStencil = True .
    * Add a setting to increase rain reflection resolution. To enable, set graphicsRainReflectionResolutionFactor to a natural number higher than 1 (4 is a nice value to begin with) to enable this enhancement.

    Thanks to Retrolux for his help, testing and encouragement while working on this. Also, thanks to Sikjar for additional DXVK testing.

    EDIT: Re-uploaded on 12/28/21 due to small bug. Thanks Sikjar for reporting.

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    x86 Plugin binaries:
    AVX2 Plugin binaries:

    * Add ability to have different visual tire per compound. Requires mod support (see the manual).
    * Increase rain reflection resolution by default.

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    x86 Plugin binaries:
    AVX2 Plugin binaries:

    Gearbox: (well, not exactly, it is more ECU but it's just a game after all )
    * Add antistall capability. Configuration:

    ; If engine RPM falls below this value, antistall is engaged. If set to 0.0,
    ; antistall is disabled. Good starting point for F1 car is ~4000.0 RPM.
    ; Requires auto clutch disabled in the game.
    gearboxSequentialAntistallThresholdRPM = 4000.000000

    ; Specifies how many seconds engine is allowed to run in antistall
    ; before it is turned off. 0 means it is allowed to run indefinitely.
    gearboxSequentialAntistallEngineCutOffTime = 10

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    x86 Plugin binaries:
    AVX2 Plugin binaries:

    Misc fixes:
    * No need to run GTR2Config.exe as admin anymore, so one less step while setting up a new GTR2 drop

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