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Thread: Working great forever- stopped working completely

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    Working great forever- stopped working completely

    Love my CC
    CC has been working fine until today. I don't think I changed anything, I'm 98% certain- it just stopped.
    The program loads fine, but I no longer hear "radio check" I always get a radio check before I load Iracing.
    I checked for recent OS updates - none.
    I deleted the program - completely and reloaded- still no radio check.
    I have a month-old computer system that is current and CC was working fine.
    I have spent hours and can not solve it-

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    The advice is
    the issue is probably a corrupted or empty file in the Profiles folder inside C:\Users[user name]\Documents\CrewChiefV4\

    first thing to try is deleting (or renaming) that folder
    We should probably add that to the Help...

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    Nope didn't work.
    I killed the hidden file, uninstalled the program, removed anything I could find.
    Went to the website downloaded it and here's what I get. Last time I downloaded the program it asked if I wanted to launch the program, which I did, and it started it with "radio check". This time I installed it and it loaded the program but didn't start it. I pressed start and no "radio check" which I'm finding means it's not working.

    Still looking for help.

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