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Thread: GTR2, VR, anitaliasing, nvidiaProfileInspector

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    GTR2, VR, anitaliasing, nvidiaProfileInspector

    Thank you for the VR support you have added to GTR2, it runs beautifully on my Pimax 5K+ headset.

    The setup instructions (GTR2 Setup Instructions, Known Issues and Changelog) were easy to follow, the only part that caused me a bit of trouble was setting up antialiasing.
    The instructions say:
    - The usual GTR2 AA settings still apply in VR. So, if jagged white lines irritate you, consider using NVInspector AA settings:
    Antialiasing - Mode – Enhance the application setting
    Antialiasing – Setting – 4x Multisampling
    Antialiasing – Transparency Supersampling – 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling

    Since I'm a bit of a noob, I had trouble figuring out how to download and setup nvidiaProfileInspector, and the advice I found on other forums wasn't always very good.

    So for the benefit of other noobs like me, here are the settings that seem to give the best framerate and antialiasing on my system:
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    Thanks for sharing this, Pimax 5K XR user here too

    A week ago Retrolux approached me, he is working on a Reshade VR preset for GTR2. Using Reshade will require slightly different settings in the profile, I'll update the main post. In short, you would need to use Diablo III as Antialiasing Compatibility bit, the rest is the same as you posted (I don't think Transparency Multisampling needs to be Enabled).

    But even better news is we combined our brainpower and we fixed headlight/shadow flicker on large tracks, so next plugin update will be major improvement

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