Been using Crew chief for a while, just thought of something that could be added depending on what games allow detection between car contact.
Essentially you would have "Who_hit_me" as an action, with "Does X have a penalty" as well. I feel like this would be a good little bit of info to let you know if your transgression has been noted by race control whether that is AI or real people.

Another thing that came to mind was potentially allowing users to set their own combinations using the preallocated phrases? Sort of like how you can edit the .txt file but integrated into the UI. Essentially a list of Actions, with a subsequent list of colon-seperated detection phrases in the UI, then a section where you can string together Actions using comma's, allowing the AI to potentially recognise a whole phrase like with pitstops after sustaining damage. It could allow users to expand the vocab detection and string together more of a "Conversation" with crewchief like how you would have with real people on the pit wall.

I know this one will be a particularly long update in the making but whilst I'm here I might as well throw out all my ideas, see which are viable and which ones are just totally out-of-scope for this project.

I would like to see some Questions come from jim at key points in the race. Say for instance jim being allowed to ask random questions from a pool of "Car data" or "track conditions" so then the crew chief can build up a pit strategy through some pit-to-car conversation. That list could look something like:

What are the track conditions like out there (For instance if it is raining)
How is the grip right now (Old tyres near a pitstop window)
How bad is the lockup (identifying a potential pitstop for replacing a flatspotted tyre)
How is the balance of the car
Can you go to the end on these tyres (near the end of the race, pitstop time could be marginal with losing a position based on current pace)
Do you want to stay on these tyres (Say behind a safety car)
How is the damage (after noticing an collision that doesn't end in a spin)

Replies for these questions could be sorted into these replies

Grip is ok
Grip is bad
Grip is good
Track is slippy
Track is fine
Flatspot is ok
Flatspot is manageable
Need to box
Car is oversteering
Car is understeering
I can go to the end/Stay on these tyres
Damage is manageable
Damage is fine

Then have some default answers that just show acknowledgement or merge into another section already included in the code:


You could setup when jim asks these questions based on either a timer (say every half hour/15 mins etc.) or percentage of race distance/time (Every 5% e.g, So 5,10,15 etc) with selectable boxes for special events like FCY, Safety cars, big change in weather conditions and so on.

There could even be reminders for certain things like brake temps, tyre temps behind the safety car if they drop below a margin. But this is extending what is otherwise already maybe a year or two of code depending on how complex the backend would need to be for this, definitely longer term stuff but things that I think would take our beloved jim to the next level of useful, realistic and all together just excellent. What we have now is brilliant and I hope the project lasts long enough for at least some of these features to be included in a future update.