First of all, thanks for adding support for GTR2, it has made me want to play the game again.

I've been playing around with editing the weather.ini files for GTR2, and it occurred to me that the data in this file could be used to make CC playback messages about upcoming changes in the weather. It seems to me that the pacenotes functions could be used if it was tweaked a little.

The only thing that needs to be changed is that pacenotes should be read out after a certain time has elapsed, instead of reading the pacenotes based on the cars position on the track.
For example, if the weather.ini file says that it's going to start raining after 10 minutes, you could have a pacenote after 8 minutes saying 'Looks like it's going to start raining soon'.

I don't know how difficult or easy this is to implement, or whether this method could be used in other sims, but it seems to me it would make this great app even better.