I couldn't find any related topics so here's what me and my racebuddy found out.

Last weekend we had a 1000 Miles of Sebring, 268 laps Multi-Class. LMP2's are the ones getting to this limit first so GTE's can't really calculate how many laps it would be. Only make a rought estimate. But here's the thing. Almost at the end of the race there was a Code 80 (Full Course yellow on pitlimiter speed). Perfect moment for pitstops since you don't lose much time. But on Code 80, we drop the fuel mixture to Safety Car mode and drive on higher gears. So when he came into the pit (pitbox was literally the first one) CC calculated less fuel then was needed, because it was calculated on the last lap.

So we had to pit again, giving up a podium spot.

Is there something we could have done about it? Or is it possible to make it calculate it based on 2 laps behind?