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Thread: How to "recenter" the SteamVR overlays? Unorthodox use of Crew Chief :)

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    How to "recenter" the SteamVR overlays? Unorthodox use of Crew Chief :)

    First off... LOVE Crew Chief. For iRacing it's killer! Been an iRacer for a very long time.


    I discovered the SteamVR overlay function and have been using it in an unorthodox manner: for Flight Simulator 2020. When flying I like to have my charts, my notes, etc. available in VR and of all the VR overlay apps I've tried (OVR Toolkit, Windows Slates, etc.) yours works the best/smoothest. Honestly aside from the downside of having to run SteamVR, there's almost 0 framerate hit using the overlay. I love it.

    I run a charts program, and an iPad mirroring program (iPad serves as my notepad when getting instructions from ATC.) I've got the windows positioned "just so" and it's killer.


    Sometimes? It's like I've lost the "center" and the two windows normally positioned in front of me, appear behind me, under me, etc. So far I've rectified it by repositioning them, but this is a pain. I have the iPad app usually aligned with where the iPad is when it's strapped to my leg - I get it scaled enough that even though I can't see my hand, I can write and the position on the real life iPad is almost exact with where it is in VR. When I have to re-move the windows it takes me forever.

    Is there a hotkey to "recenter" the overlay?

    Sorry for the long-winded question but figured some of you would get a kick out of the unorthodox implementation. Here's a little preview of what I see when flying in FS2020 using the above apps + VATSIM real-life air traffic control: (Guess I can't post links - go to Rumble, paste this in at the end...) vdvcz1-fs2020-vr-vatsim-experience.html

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    Does this happen at random while your playing ?
    it sounds a bit like SVR is changing tracking pace from seated to standing or visa versa.
    Anyways there is currently no way to re-center the pose, but there is an option to change the the tracking space the window is bound to you can try and sere if changing this fixes it.
    I'll look into adding a reset center hotkey/button.

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    There will be some changes to next version that lets you set current tracking universe in SteamVR and option to recenter by pressing a button in the SteamVR overlay Settings UI or by a hotkey/controller button if you select game "None(unsupported game)" in the game list.
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