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Thread: Iracing background sound lost during race

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    Iracing background sound lost during race

    Hi all,

    I use crew chief now for two days and had two races where the background sound was gone during the race. Normally it works but sometimes I hear a distorted loud noise and then all background sound is lost. The voice from crew chief is still working, but engine sound, iracing spotter and tyre sound is gone.

    Does anybody know what the problem is? Racing without noise is not the best way to improve your irating...

    Kind regards,


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    No idea. CC just plays audio, it doesn't change audio settings for other apps. Sometimes Windows will apply "level ducking", reducing other app's volume when it thinks something is speaking - perhaps it's that? Otherwise it sounds like a device driver issue.

    You could try experiementing with CC's audio playback settings ("use nAudio for playback" on / off, change the nAudio playback type between WASAPI and WaveOut, change the WASAPI latency options)

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    I had a similar issue. The iRacing background sound will suddenly mute/shut off during a race, which ultimately led to me wrecking each time. I mapped a button to adjust iracing volume to try to adjust it back up on the fly but the button doesn't do anything after the sound cuts off. I have to exit the car and go to options and sound to adjust the volume back on (the volume level displayed is normal - I just move it down one and then back to the original position and it's back on). This happened a couple times while CC was running, and then I did a race without turning on CC and it also happened. I uninstalled CC and haven't had the issue come up for a couple weeks. I'm considering trying to troubleshoot again as I enjoy the CC spotting. Any thoughts on how to narrow down what the issue is?

    I'm also running this in VR on the HP Reverb G2 if that makes a difference. I'm able to use the DRE application without any issues, so I don't think it's simply a windows issue since it should happen with both applications. I don't know the backends of both applications, but they have similar functions.


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