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Thread: iRacing - CC suddenly not responding or Spotting

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    iRacing - CC suddenly not responding or Spotting

    So I have never had this issue before. One session things worked great. Came back the next day to race and suddenly. CC is not responding to the assigned control for communication. Nor is the spotter spotting. I toggled the spotting on/off to a button and he commands there to be calls from now on but the spotter never speaks. Everything seems up to date and no setting have been changed to cause him not to react to any messages. I have tried changing the voice recognition mode to hold button press and release and neither of them work. Any help?

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    Sorry, I have no idea. If nothing has changed why would it stop working? Perhaps something else on your PC has changed without you realising it? Maybe some security software is interfering with the app? Maybe Windows has decided to reorganise your sound playback / recording devices, or changed the security settings for these devices? Has anything changed in iRacing?

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