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Thread: PCars 3 Set up

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    Question PCars 3 Set up

    Hiya all,

    Hope you and your families are all having a enjoyable Festive season?

    After a long debate with myself and viewing reviews over PCars 3, I have finally took the plunge and DL a copy from STEAM. OM Days it is definitely not like PCars 2 or even 1....Kinda reminds me of FORZA 7...anyway I digress.

    I have CC set up for PCars 1 and 2, followed the same process for 3, but its not working...any ideas, am I missing something?

    Amy x

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    I bought the game, tested the cc implementation then oncw I'd confirmed it worked I refunded the game in disgust. I thought it was an absolute shambles. But that's beside the point. Have you enabled shared mem in game and set it to pcars 2 mode?

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    Yes I manged to get it working -

    PCars 3 > System Settings (in game) > Shared Memory: Project Cars 2 > UDP: 3 > UDP Protocol Version: Project Cars 2 *Worked*
    Other setting required is to go back into Settings (In game) > Gameplay - Turn off 'Race Engineer'.

    After playing a few hours I can honestly say it is nothing like PC2 or 1. This THING is based on XP Credits and winning money to buy Cars seems to be a vague feature. The Graphics are is only worthy feature...even the road / track grip is massively off for us Sim Racers.... I am saddened to say but it is not for the Sim Racers, but aimed at the Arcade lot

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    it's a relief to hear it still works - thanks for the update. It would have been a shame to have to abandon support (cos there's no way i'm re-buying it)

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    I'll give this game another chance hahaha

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