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Thread: Thanks to all involved with getting CC to work with GTR2 and a few questions

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    Thanks to all involved with getting CC to work with GTR2 and a few questions


    First I want to thank all those involved with getting Crew Chief working with GTR2. For the last couple days I've been testing out different things and boy it's great to have someone come over the radio and talk to me about the race or my cars status then give me a pat on the back when I make a good pass. NICELY DONE.

    Now for some questions regarding GTR2. I'm going to apologize in advance just incase any of my questions come off as putting down your effort in getting Crew Chief working with GTR2. At times I find it hard to put into written words what I want to ask and they may come off as sounding ungrateful. That is not the case.

    1. Is there a list of what data GTR2 is capable of sending to the Crew Chief app ? I have a few commands currently set like car status, gap ahead, my position but thought if there was a list I could not only save some time testing each command but also be able to take full advantage of Crew Chief. I think if Crew Chief Jim tells me one more time "no data" it'll be Sweary Pete that tells him off

    2. I take it that Crew Chief turns off or rather turns down the Speech audio to zero to prevent any issues with having both it and the original GTR2 crew chief talking at the same time. I was surprised the first time I called for a pit stop and I didn't hear the little bleep followed by "pit in next lap". It took a bit before finally hearing Jim tell me to pit.

    3. With not having VR (can't due to a medical issue, sigh) is there a Command Line parameter or option to have Crew Chief not install the 2 VR needed DLL files in GTR2's root folder. I've been testing the GID hud which puts it's own d3d9.dll into the root folder and Crew Chief asks to place it's 2 there, overwriting the GID version. I've just been clicking on the Cancel button so no real issue but thought I might have missed some setting.

    4. Now I don't think this is directly related to Crew Chief, but you may have some insight on the issues. I have the disc version of GTR2 and I'm using the Patched Steam GTR2.exe and files that are included with the most recent HQ mod and came across a few things. The pit limiter doesn't automatically turn off once you cross the pit exit. It did before in both Novice and Semi-Pro. Switching to the AI driver on track and at speed results in the car slowing down instantly to pit road speed. Caused quite the crash when I done that, LOL. Finally I noticed that none of the Series_Icon.TGA images are shown in the menu. Now these are not game breakers for me but I'm just curious. I'm also running Win7 SP1 64bit.

    Thanks fellas

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    Glad to hear you are enjoying it

    1. GTR2 sends data almost as rich as the richest game not to be named, pretty much only damage info and some session detection limitations (see the main post, limitations are listed there). So all should work. No pit manager support yet, not sure if it will ever come though as I am enjoying offline use mostly, and there's no urgency in making pit choices in offline use.

    2. Correct. CC does that.

    3. Turn off automatic plugin install in CC preferences, but keep an eye on the CC release notes as to when to update binaries. CC does not need d3d9, only VR support does.

    4. No idea, I actually have a todo item on my list to prevent automatic limiter (and headlights) and penalize for speeding (all optionally of course) as I find those very arcade features. Surprised to hear it sometimes works as I want it to without any tricks. If you figure out what caused that, let me know please.


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    Oh BTW! I just realized - there was a horrible bug in the current CC version that disabled most voice commands in GTR2. I fixed it - next update will contain that. No wonder you asked question nr 1)

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    Thanks for the answers The Iron Wolf.

    1. Considering what data is already available to CC from GTR2, the only thing missing is a "what kind of ice cream" command. I'm slowly testing each command using only a single button on my controller. I haven't tried voice commands yet as I need to get a new mic as mine has a bad plug and cuts out intermittently. I'll see how it goes and post a list for others. Unless someone who's faster than me gets one done first.

    2. Good to know. For a few race sessions I thought I was getting even more senile. The more I run GTR2 with CC the less I miss the original Pit Chief

    3. I found the plugin update option and turned it off for the time being while I'm testing things. Once I have CC setup the way I want I'll turn it back on and just press Cancel so that I can keep it updated.

    4. It's the Steam version of the GTR2.exe itself. I've been testing all kinds of race scenarios today with no trace of CC in my Full GTR2 Test install and the Pit Limiter and AI Driver Toggle issue seem to happen only in Open Practice on Hockenheim, which just happened to be the only track I had in my original stripped down test install the other day. Figures. Also it seems that the Car Series and Championship images were disabled probably because of the Porsche and Ferrari licensing running out. On a positive note I managed to get all the vehicle makes in both the Specials and Single Makes menus to now show up. Dumb Luck if you ask me as I haven't Hexedited anything in the past 10+ years.

    Thanks again for all you hard work and I look forward to seeing what else becomes available.

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