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Thread: Crew Chief GTR2 Enhancements Plugin Setup Instructions, Known Issues and Changelog

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    Update: CC

    This update is a major rework of the plugin. Plugin now utilizes multiple cores, so that it has no FPS impact at all. Normally that change is not something to worry about (plugin works in the same way as before), but if you are running very old CPU or something like Pentium D, Celeron or Atom, you may want to check "Notes on Multithreading" in the manual. I'll keep updating this section to list things that depend on multicore (so that you can disable such features).

    * Add final additional Motec data page: delta personal best and delta class best.
    - needs new template icons. See the manual on how to update your cars.

    * Position additional data page is now multiclass aware.

    * Gap next/previous additional Motec data page is now multiclass aware.
    - Note: gaps will not match game HUD gaps because plugin calculates gaps differently. This is not a bug.

    * Backfires fix is now moved off graphics thread (eliminates FPS impact).

    * Initial support for DTM 2018 rules (AI is not using DRS yet, consequentially, wing movement is not visible). Requires content updates.

    If you'd like to try Beta versions of this plugin, or have questions about updating your content, feel free to join this:

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    Update: CC

    This update:
    * Includes the memory usage fixes. They are disabled by default, so if this is something that is interesting to you see the "Memory Usage Optimizations" section in the manual.
    * Simplifies the configuration of the plugin removing many configuration settings that make no sense anymore.

    Always enabled Fixes and Enhancements:
    * Multiple crash fixes
    * Reduce headlight/shadow flicker introduced in Steam GTR2.exe
    * Fix missing rF1 Plugin API telemetry data
    * Enable Championship/Driving School page icons
    * Disable use of MyDocuments for profile storage
    * Applies changeable weather patch by Jstn
    * Add new control bindings under Controls->Extra (scroll all the way down to see the new bindings)

    Automatically detected Enhancements:
    * Use .cchdc file if it is present
    * Enable button controllable wipers if car supports it
    * Enable button Enhanced Motec features if car supports them
    * Enable Enhanced visual tires if car supports them

    Removed settings:

    * Add VR convenience overrides (see .ini file comments for help):

    * Fix instant replay rendering. Thanks to Rusty Gear for reporting the issue.
    * Add menuOverlayVerticalOffset setting to allow moving non-stereo view up or down in space.

    * Fix DRS LED not working on cars without button controllable wipers (LOL).

    * Add key binding for navigating to previous LCD mode.
    * Change how changeProcessAffinity setting works. Set this value to 0x0 to enable use of all logical processors (to maximize the FPS).
    * Fix .cchdc file tire configuration not loaded correctly

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    Update: CC

    This version introduces an experimental offline decoupled physics mode. Notably, it improves FFB precision at lower framerates. There are issues still and it is WIP. See "Decoupled Physics mode" in the manual.

    Enhanced Motec:
    * Fix for Gaps Data page issue where leading cars were incorrectly counted as lap ahead on some tracks.
    * Fix for Additional Data Pages in Time Trial mode.

    * Disable Enhanced Graphical elements in an online session.

    * Enable overrideVRMaxSeatRange to work in 2D as well.
    * Add a setting disableRadioCommVolumeOverride which allows using built-in radio-comms if for some reason you want that.

    Special thanks go to Shovas for his help testing decoupled physics mode and providing valuable feedback and observations.

    Also, thanks to:
    * Sparten for sharing his learnings from irFFB.
    * Dwightyone1, Kainé, maikoheart, Rusty Gear and Shakey Deal for testing and feedback.

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    Update: CC

    This version introduces a new experimental capability which allows raising offline decoupled physics rate. See "Decoupled Physics mode" in the manual.


    Decoupled Physics:
    * physicsDecoupledInputs is replaced with physicsDecoupledInputsMode setting, which allows choosing offline player input/FFB processing rates. It turns out that input processing is expensive, and is very dependent on steering wheel driver implementation. I suggest starting at 200Hz and going up if you feel like it. If you want least trouble (but still use this feature, which has limitations), I suggest 400Hz physics/400Hz inputs, but 400Hz/200Hz yields highest framerate on Fanatec.

    * Add runtime offline decoupled physics stats. To toggle, press Numpad1.

    * Fix a bug where at race start driver foot would sloooooowly move onto the pedal (LOL)

    * Improve Lens Flare tune up mode to print offset value on screen rather than in the log file.

    * Move stationary friction effect off the graphics thread if decoupled physics+inputs are enabled.

    * Fix crash on load from save if Enhanced visual features are used.

    * Introduce overrideSeatAdjustStep setting, which allows overriding the seat adjustment step.

    DXVK Update to v1.10.3:

    Special thanks go to Shovas for his help testing decoupled physics/inputs mode, collecting Motec data and providing valuable feedback/observations.

    Also, thanks to:
    * Dwightyone1 - beta testing/feedback.
    * Richard Wilks for sharing his insights into physics calculations.

    Update 10/02/22: if you are using stationary friction FFB effect, this version has serious performance bug. It is fixed in Beta available at project Discord.

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    Update: CC

    * Wire rFactor Real Feel Plugin by TechAde and LeoFFB authors (Thank You!). CCGEP adds some enhancements on top of RFP, see "rFactor Real Feel Plugin wiring" section in the manual.

    * Introduce per car steering FFB multiplier. You can find new key bindings at the bottom of "Extras" page. If you want game to remember the multiplier value, enable savePerCarSettings setting. In order to preserve low speed forces, you could use ffbPerCarMultApplyMinSpeedKMH to control at which speed per-car FFB multiplier is applied.

    * Improve performance of stationary friction effect.

    * Improve power steering "simulation" so that it kicks in/out smoothly based on the engine running RPM. This is configurable via the ffbPowerSteeringRunningRPM setting.

    Crew Chief integration:
    * Improve GTR2 tire compound recognition.

    * Adjust wiper animation speed.

    I decided to port my rFactor 2 Shared Memory Monitor into GTR2, but this time with an increased focus into behavior of the AI. This tool might be useful in setting up the AI events (lack of easy monitoring made me port it actually). If you learn something interesting about the AI behavior, please share your insights with me.

    This tool is an open source C# mess (it's just a viewer after all), but if you want to add things, feel free to do so: One cool addition could be the AIW visualization.


    Thanks to Shovas for help with RFP testing and Dwightyone1 for beta testing/feedback.

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    Update: CC


    * Introduce command line switches allowing the configuration of the windowed mode parameters:

    -ccvm-w:X - sets window width
    -ccvm-h:Y - sets window height
    -ccvm-bless - enables borderless mode disregarding the CrewChief.ini setting

    Using switches greatly improves DXVK integration (if you had problems before, now it is time to try again) and removes the need to re-run GTR2Config.exe. See: "Graphical Changes/Command line Video Mode settings" for more details.

    * Introduce support for car body rain drops (invented by GTR233, Thanks!), which are coming in the next HQ Anniversary patch update. Here's a small preview:

    Thanks to Crimson_764, Mjqt and Sellers for testing.

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    So it turns out that not all GPU drivers support Vulkan 1.3. If you get "no adapter found" message you could try using older version of my fork of DXVK for GTR2. It contains all the improvements the current version contains, just a bit less mature/polished, so once you update your driver, I suggest moving to the current version instead.

    Thanks to Koyaki and Dwightyone1 for their help with this.

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    Happy New Year everyone!

    DXVK update to v2.0:

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    Update: CC

    DXVK VR rendering:
    * Performance improvements. Important: make sure you update DXVK (see below).
    * Fix hidden area mask rendering.

    Enhanced Motec:
    * Add anti-stall indicator LED capability:
    * Add RPM indicator capability:

    * Add experimental ability to control AI physics rate.

    DXVK update:
    Vulan 1.3 -
    - Note that SGSSAA setting got renamed to: d3d9.forceSampleRateShading

    Vulkan 1.2 -

    CCGEP Monitor:
    - Updates to match the new plugin:

    Thanks to:
    * Shovas - AI physics testing
    * Dwightyone1 - DXVK VR update testing.

    Special thanks to Robin Kertels of DXVK for sharing his expertise.

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    I am experimenting with adding native OpenXR support to this plugin and I need some help with Beta version. If you are running DXVK VR with Oculus and would like to help, please join the Discord server linked in the fiirst post.

    EDIT 02/18/23: Beta with native OpenXR rendering is out.

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