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Thread: Crew Chief GTR2 Enhancements Plugin Setup Instructions, Known Issues and Changelog

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    Update: CC

    Both d3d9.dll and CrewChief.dll need updating.

    This is a major update. In collaboration with Retrolux (huge thanks man!), we were able to fix shadow/headlight flicker introduced with the Steam version of GTR2.exe. Fix is always on in VR, and in order to enable it in 2D set enableShadowAndHeadlightFlickerFixFor2DRendering to 1.

    Note that with this fix applied, you may need to revisit .cam file ClipPlanes and .plr file Rearview Front Clip settings. If you adjusted those before to accomodate for Steam GTR2.exe differences (compared to CD version), you would need to undo those changes. A rule of thumb is to divide your previous values by ~4.

    * Fix Steam GTR2.exe shadow/headlight flicker on large tracks.

    Command line switches:
    * add -ccvr switch to force VR mode
    * add -ccnovr switch to force 2D mode

    Additional Features:
    * Introduce per-car settings file (.cchdc). See the manual for more info.

    * Minor VR perf improvements.

    Multiple bug fixes.

    Manual updates:
    * Updated "Additional Features" section
    * Added "Command Line Parameters" section
    * Updated "VR Recommended tweaks" section
    * Updated "VR Recommended .plr file tweaks" section
    * Updated "Tire Changes" section
    * Updated "FFB Changes" section

    Thanks to mr_belowski and Retrolux for testing.

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    Update: CC

    Both d3d9.dll and CrewChief.dll need updating.

    Crew Chief:
    * Disabled CC in the Driving School.

    * Implemented simple dirt pickup.
    * Flat spot initial lockup threshold no longer depends on the sensitivity setting.

    Sequential Gearbox:
    * Implemented overrev protection.
    * Implemented block shift to Neutral while vehicle is moving (both button press and sequential shift).
    * Implemented double shift protection.

    * Minor perf improvement.

    Motion System Mode:
    * Improved Driving School support.

    Manual updates:
    * Updated to include new features.
    * Added a link to the optional AVX2 binaries.

    As always, all the new enhancements are off by default, so if you'd like to enable them check the updated .ini file and/or manual.
    Note that all the tire and gearbox changes are quite complex. They will evolve (sometimes drastically change) as I learn more.

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    Update: CC

    Both d3d9.dll and CrewChief.dll need updating.

    IMPORTANT: gearboxSequentialEnableOverrevProtection option is removed (to disable overrev protection, set gearboxSequentialOverrevRPMLimit to 0.0). If you enabled enablePerCarSettings/savePerCarSettings you would need to edit .cchdc file manually to remove gearboxSequentialEnableOverrevProtection.

    Crew Chief:
    * Improved damage reporting.
    * Wired messages for dirt pickup, gearbox damage, 24hr point messages.
    * Fixed race restart from the menu. Note that it requires enableMissingTelemetryFix set to 1.
    * Improved session time detection. Note that there's still an issue with timed sessions that end on either max laps or time, this might get looked at in the future.
    * Improved pit speed limiter detection.

    Sequential Gearbox:
    * Implement lift to shift feature.

    This feature improves "simulation" of older sequential gearboxes, notably the one used in Skip Barber (rTrainer mod). Downshifts/upshifts will be refused if engine generates effective torque above the set threshold. Most often for shift to succeed lift off the throttle is enough. However, in some situations it is faster to shift using the clutch. For Skippy, I suggest starting with:
    gearboxSequentialLiftToUpshiftTorqueNM = 40.000000
    gearboxSequentialLiftToDownshiftTorqueNM = 25.000000

    AFAIK Supertouring cars and most FIA 2003/2004 cars needed lift or clutch on downshift. To better emulate that, use gearboxSequentialLiftToDownshiftTorqueNM value, and probably some large value on Upshift, to keep things sane.

    * Changed the way overrev protection is enabled. Use gearboxSequentialOverrevRPMLimit to enable overrev protection (good starting value is 1.1, which allows 10% overrev). IMPORTANT: this update will enable overrev protection on existing installs - to disable, set to 0.0

    Manual H-Shifted Gearbox:
    * First cut of Manual H-Shifted gearbox "simulation" improvements to enhance older cars (PnG, older F1 etc and series with almost road cars, like Mini Challenge). To enable, set gearboxHShiftedRevMatchTolerance = 0.100000. Note: make sure "Hold Button for Gear" is enabled.

    * Implement gearbox damage. Damaged gearbox will cause more misshifts and will eventually lead to DNF. To enable, gearboxHShiftedDamageSensitivity to 1.0, and lower/raise that value to get more or less damageable gearbox.

    * Added feature where wipers can clear off the screen dirt buildup (graphicsWipersClearDirtScreen setting). This makes wipers useful even when it isn't raining. Additional bonus is that dirt on the windshield will get saved on a game save.

    * Improved wiper animation. It should never get out of sync now.

    New plugin defaults:
    Enable all essential fixes by default. Enabled features/fixes:

    Gray car patch

    * Fix save/load (flat spots and dirty tires) in the Championship.

    Huge thanks go to Richard Jackett, the author of Grinding Tranny mod (and Niels for connecting us ). He was cooperative and kind sharing his work with me, so I was able to reinforce my understanding of the problem. I also reused his ideas of estimating the needed RPMs and using of separate factors for upshift and downshift revmatch tolerance.

    Also, mr_belowski for recording new sounds - you're the best Jim!

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    Update: CC
    * Enable backfire on all vehicles. Set graphicsBackfireOnAllCarsFrequency to value higher than 0.0 (for example 0.5) to enable backfires on all cars. The higher the value, the more likely backfire is to occur (max value is 1.0). Note: this could affect FPS.

    * Experimental settings to improve framerate in the rain (especially in VR, but it works in 2D as well):

    ; Sets track rain reflections mode.
    ; 0 - game default track rain reflections, 1 - disable track objects, 2 disable completely (fastest)
    graphicsTrackRainReflectionMode = 0;

    ; Sets cars rain reflections mode.
    ; 0 - game default car rain reflections, 1 - disable car reflections, 2 - disable processing completely (fastest if graphicsTrackRainReflectionMode is set to 2 as well)
    graphicsCarRainReflectionMode = 0;

    * Adjust dirt pickup algorithm limits.

    * Minor optimizations/cleanup.

    Special thanks to Retrolux for helping with rain performance and memory usage investigation.

    Next up: DTM DRS Rules and Motec enhancements, stay tuned!

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    Update: CC

    * Dirt pickup fixes and improvements.

    * Disable Pimax specific optimization that was causing poor performance on a more widespread Index headset. Pimax users: to re-enable, set to enableVRPostPresentHandoff to 1.
    * Implement hidden area mask. Can be disabled via disableVRHAM setting.
    * Deprecate renderHUDAsSteamVROverlay setting. HUD is now always rendered SVR overlay.

    * Implement UI squeeze for triples and ultra wide screeens. Set graphics2DSqueezeUIPercentage to the desired percentage value (start with 0.30 (30%) to see what it does).

    * Implement borderless windowed mode which makes plugin fully compatible with SimHub. Also, allows fullscreen exprience without breaking VR overlays. To enable borderless mode set: graphicsForceBorderlessWindow to 1.

    * Allow overriding logos used by this plugin (both VR and 2D). To override, drop file named cc_gtr2_logo.png in the root. Here's alternative logo provided by GTR233 (thanks!)

    * Motec Enhancements. New elements supported:
    • Per-wheel lockup/spin warning indicator
    • Water temperature indicator
    • Oil temperature indicator
    • ABS aid level indicator
    • Traction Control aid level indicator

    To enable Enhanced Motec elements set graphicsEnableEnhancedMotec = 1.
    Requires matching car changes.

    * Additional LCD/Motec Data Pages:
    • Tire Wear page
    • Tire Pressure page
    • Position Info page
    • Gap behind/ahead page

    To enable Additional Data Pages set graphicsMotecEnableAdditionalDataPages = 1
    Note: fully enabling this functionality requires Motec texture modifications to include new data page icons.
    Note: multiple layout styles supported via graphicsMotecAdditionalDataPagesUnitsStyle.

    • Position Info data page – class position is not implemented yet.
    • Gap behind/ahead data page – not yet class aware. Also, does nothing in practice/qualification, this might get improved in the future.?

    * Implement Endurace racing rule to require headlights while driving in the dark. You will have 60 seconds after message center warning and team voice warning message to enable the headlights or get disqualified. To enable, set rulesRequireHeadlightsInDark to 1.

    * Updated to explain the new features.
    * All the Manual sections that are intended for modders now start with "For Modders:".

    Special Thanks to:
    * Chmul Khom for helping with the new Motec features, finding serious dirt pickup bug and testing.
    * GTR233 who found issue with the additional data pages templates, and suggested different data page styles (he's also working on adding those additional data pages to HQ Anniversary cars).
    * Retrolux for his help testing VR performance, help making borderless window support and HAM a reality.

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    Update: CC

    All plugin binaries got changed, make sure to update them all. VRToolkit needs updating as well.

    * Improve VR startup.
    * Improve VR rendering a bit.
    * Rename enablePostPresentHandOff to enableEnablePimaxMode to denote Pimax specific VR rendering tweaks.
    * Add experimental settings enableExplicitDXVKTiming and enableWaitGetPosesAfterSubmit, see what works best with your HMD.

    * Initial wiring of DXVK. See the manual on what it is and how to use it.

    * Add key binding to restart the race.
    * VRToolkit update - matching update from Retrolux:
    * Added Changelog to the manual to make it easier to follow the updates.

    Thanks to:
    * Retrolux for introducing me to DXVK and for Megaton of testing - over 30(!!!) iterations of plugin were meticulously tested.
    * Chmul Khom and Retrolux for help with some texture processing.

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    Update: CC

    Updated DXVK for GTR2:

    * Reduce wall barriers and tree flicker - enabled by default. This is controlled by graphicsEnableAdvancedFlickerFix setting Note that this works best with DXVK. In dxvk.conf set d3d9.forceD32FS8DepthStencil = True . To learn more about DXVK integration see the manual.
    * Add a setting to increase rain reflection resolution. To enable, set graphicsRainReflectionResolutionFactor to natural number higher than 1 (4 is a nice value to begin with) to enable this enhancement.
    * Enable backfire fix by default.

    Thanks to Retrolux for his help, testing and encouragement while working on this. Also, thanks to Sikjar for additional DXVK testing.

    Happy New Year to All!

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    Update: CC

    * Add ability to have different visual tire per compound. Requires mod support (see the manual).
    * Increase rain reflection resolution by default.

    Gearbox: (well, not exactly, it is more ECU but it's just a game after all )
    * Add antistall capability. Configuration:

    ; If engine RPM falls below this value, antistall is engaged. If set to 0.0,
    ; antistall is disabled. Good starting point for F1 car is ~4000.0 RPM.
    ; Requires auto clutch disabled in the game.
    gearboxSequentialAntistallThresholdRPM = 4000.000000

    ; Specifies how many seconds engine is allowed to run in antistall
    ; before it is turned off. 0 means it is allowed to run indefinitely.
    gearboxSequentialAntistallEngineCutOffTime = 10

    Misc fixes:
    * No need to run GTR2Config.exe as admin anymore, so one less step while setting up a new GTR2 drop

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    Update: CC

    Updated DXVK for GTR2:

    Overall plugin performance improvement.

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    Update: CC

    * Fix black screen in driving school/time trial. Thanks to Mr. Rusty Gear for reporting.

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