The Manual: It is updated often to match the new/changed features, so I suggest simply bookmarking it for viewing in the browser. You can see the changelog at the end of the Manual if you want to see what’s changed.

Plugin itself is included with the Crew Chief application.

If you'd like to help testing pre-release plugin Beta versions, or have questions about updating your content, please PM me on CC Discord or join this dedicated server: .

This plugin development is focused on offline, however it can be used online as well.
Plugin only works with Steam version of GTR2.exe. Steam GTR2 does not need 1.1 patch or NOCD, Steam version is already the latest GTR2 version available.

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Current Plugin Features

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Core Features:

* Deep Crew Chief integration with all the offline racing features implemented
* Native VR Support (SteamVR and OpenXR) with VR depth available for full effect support in ReShade
* Memory usage optimizations - up to 40% memory usage reduction
* Texture flicker/Z-Fighting fixed
* Experimental offline decoupled physics and inputs processing that makes FFB/physics/telemetry less dependent on the FPS
* rFactor Real Feel Plugin support
* Extra gear rations for more accurate simulation of newer series and road cars

* DTM 2018/F1 2011/F1 2013 Rules (player only) with physics based DRS
* Option to disable automatic speed limiter engagement on pit lane entry/exit
* Option to enable pit lane speed limit detection in all sessions (not only the Race session)
* Option to activate speed limiter in the garage stall
* Option to override pit lane speed limit (km/h)
* Option to issue a penalty for exiting the pits before exit light goes green
* Option to not allow the game to automatically start the engine on exiting the garage
* Option to require headlights while driving in the dark

* Stationary Friction effect
* Fix for the lost FFB effects

* Flat Spots
* Dirt Pickup

* Extra gear rations for more accurate simulation of newer series and road cars
* Sequential: overrev protection
* Sequential: require vehicle to stop to go Neutral
* Sequential: doubleshift protection
* Sequential: Lift to Shift
* Sequential: Antistall
* H-Shifted manual with Damage

* Advanced flicker fix
* Borderless window mode
* UI squeeze for triples and ultra wide monitors
* Button controllable wiper animation
* Screen dirt buildup cleaning
* Enable Backfire effect on all cars
* Improved rain reflection quality
* Additional Video settings for better performance

Motec Changes:
* Enhanced Motec:

• Per-wheel lockup/spin warning indicator
• Water temperature indicator
• Oil temperature indicator
• ABS aid level indicator
• Traction Control aid level indicator
• DRS state LED
• Antistall LED
• RPM Indicator

* Additional Data pages:
• Tire Wear page
• Tire Pressure page
• Multi-class aware position Info page
• Multi-class aware gap behind/ahead page
• Personal Best/Class Best Delta page

Visual Tires:
Up to seven separate visual tire per compound

Custom DXVK Fork with full VR Integration

Memory Usage Optimizations:

* Race Time memory usage improvements (DXVK and DX9)
* Overall memory usage improvements (DXVK only)

Misc Fixes:
* Multiple crash fixes
* Reduce headlight/shadow flicker introduced in Steam GTR2.exe
* Fix missing rF1 Plugin API telemetry data
* Enable Championship/Driving School page icons
* Disable use of MyDocuments for profile storage
* Applies changeable weather patch by Jstn
* Add new control bindings under Controls->Extra (scroll all the way down to see the new bindings)
* Set CPU Affinity from the CC Plugin
* Synchronize Steering Wheel Animation to a Physical Wheel Rotation
* VR Lens Flare Effect adjustment
* Motion System Mode
* Ability to disable crash dump collection
* Ability to adjust Window Mixer master volume

Support for CC plugin configuration per mod:
Per-Car settings file (.cchdc)
Per-Track settings file (.ccgdb)

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Will Plugin work with CD/NOCD/Warez GTR2?
A: No. Steam GTR2 is the newest GTR2 available and there will be no work done to enable it on other .exe's

Q: Feature X does not work
A: This Plugin is focused on offline use, some features may not work online.

Q: Will you port to related games?
A: No, this Plugin is GTR2 only. There will be no ports.

Q: Will XD work with this Plugin?
A: No, but there's SimHub alternative:

Q: I get message box "Failed to load d3d9 proxy", what to do?
1) Make sure you installed all Plugin files.
2) Make sure your AV software does not block Plugin files.

Q: I'd like...
A: I do not take feature requests, Plugin is provided AS IS - I simply share what I use myself. I am however interested in adding features that will make Your mod more true to life, so if you are a modder, and you wish GTR2 did something but it does not, feel free to reach out.

Q: I do not get any response on Forum/Discord.
A: That's likely because your question is answered in the Plugin Manual.