Update: CC

Bug Fixes:
* Fix crash on loading from save if RealFeelPlugin is used.
* Fix LeMans Classics mod crash with memory optimizations enabled.
* Fix decoupled physics no busy wait race session restart via button getting stuck.

* Introduce OpenXR rendering. See the "OpenXR Rendering" section in the manual on how to configure and limitations.
* Updated DXVK is required: https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/g...IWF_021723.zip

Tires/Flat Spots:
* Introduce tiresFlatSpotSoftnessWeight that allows configuring how much compound softness affects flat spot severity. See "Flat Spots softness weight" for more details.

* Expose dirt pickup settings into .cchdc file.

* Allow hiding individual data pages via graphicsMotecDataPagesExcludeMask setting.
* Introduce .cccar file for CCGEP specific per-car visual settings.

* Introduce ffbRampUpSeconds setting which allows steering force to be applied gradually upon resuming driving. This is primarily helpful in avoiding strong punch or oscillation with DD wheels.

* Fast Exit from GTR2
* Load Last Saved Race from the command line

See "Modding Enhancements" section in the manual for more info.

* Allow disabling minidump collection on crash via disableCrashDump setting.

Thanks to:
* Immortalx for testing.
* DXVK Team for Vulkan expertise.
* ZNix for sharing his OC knowledge.
* Mbucchia for help with PimaxXR and fixes/tweaks to it.