Update: CC

This update is a major rework of the plugin. Plugin now utilizes multiple cores, so that it has no FPS impact at all. Normally that change is not something to worry about (plugin works in the same way as before), but if you are running very old CPU or something like Pentium D, Celeron or Atom, you may want to check "Notes on Multithreading" in the manual. I'll keep updating this section to list things that depend on multicore (so that you can disable such features).

* Add final additional Motec data page: delta personal best and delta class best.
- needs new template icons. See the manual on how to update your cars.

* Position additional data page is now multiclass aware.

* Gap next/previous additional Motec data page is now multiclass aware.
- Note: gaps will not match game HUD gaps because plugin calculates gaps differently. This is not a bug.

* Backfires fix is now moved off graphics thread (eliminates FPS impact).

* Initial support for DTM 2018 rules (AI is not using DRS yet, consequentially, wing movement is not visible). Requires content updates.

If you'd like to try Beta versions of this plugin, or have questions about updating your content, feel free to join this: https://discord.gg/DJu8RSzJYB